Thursday, December 20, 2007


Remembering last Spring

Mum was looking through all our pikchurs wiv us and we saw these taken last April That wuz when Flynn wuz teaching me to catch mousies
I did eggsakly what he said, and I wuz digging and digging but no mousie came out of the ground.
I put my head down the hole but Mr Mouse wuzn't at home.
It wuz no good so I gave up and just hung out in the grass wiv Flynn.
It wuz nice back in April. It wuz sunny and warm. That wuz befurr all the rain came that lasted all summer.
And it wuz befurr it wuz all freezing cold in the winter.
We had such fun back then looking furr the mousies and playing in the long grass.
We hope the sun and the warm soon comes back so we can go furr nice long walks wiv mum again.

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Wasn't it a grand summer?

We are very excited to get your Catmas card! We were a bit overshadowed by the fact that we got our Secret Paw the same day, but it was very exciting!
Eric and Flynn,

I bet the spring will come soon.
That is the magical of winter, let you treature the warm season more.
But, we have Christmas and New Year celebration to let the winter is much more funner, isn't it?
I look forward that your great hunting photo at next year, that must be terrific~!
All that long green grass looks lovely. Better than all of the white snow we currently have.

I agree, warm weather needs to return real soon.
Wowie, what beeyootiful picksuhures of you two playin in the long, green grass! I like warm weathur, too.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh, you two look like you're having so much fun -- I'm sure you miss the warm weather! Such beautiful pictures, ginger cats in long green grass. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
I think we should have perpetual Spring. I want to come learn to mousie-hole hunt with you guys!!

Those were some very good memories.
Ooo we would love to play in the tall grasses. I bet you wouldn't even be able to see Abby she is so small ....

Boo, and Abby
I wish it come back soon, too! Winter is not a favorite time of year for me. Not living in the NE.
April looks so lovely, I wish it didn't have to get so cold : (
Yeah an lookit all dat cat grass yoo could eat! I don't efun fink if Mom let's owr cat grass grow it it would get dat big. Yoo can't see anyfing in dat so it must be yur super hearing dat helps yoo to catch doze mousies.
Sometimes I wish I could play outside.
Looks very lush there. It's summer here but it has been raining a lot so I don't get to go out much. Anyway you have lovely open fields (with vishus deer) but I only have a garden with lots of roses and some trees.
Those are great photos of the two of you last Spring. We've had a mild winter so far here in Munich, and I hope it stays mild!
Oh that looks like so much fun! Winter does have its drawbacks...
Ah ! you are so right, my cats are missing the high grass too and with the cold they are sleeping inside 24 hours !
Such pretty long grasses to romp in. Spring is still a long ways off. Stay warm inside ok, guys?

Luf, Us
Ohhhh, green grass, mousies, sunshine ... we can't wait for spring!!

& alla us at Artsy Catsy
Dudes, can I play with you when it gets warm? That looks fun!
Great photos.I miss the sun too(sigh).
Those are the BEST photos of you guys! You should use those on a calendar or something.
Just this morning ML said to us when she was outside, walking thru the back yard: "I can't wait for summer again". We like summers in our new state. We were sure we would hate them, but after Colorado, this is heaven.
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