Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Nip,Nip Hooray!!

Mum sez I haf been a good boy so she gave me some primo nip on our cat tree.Mmmm smells good. I am reely trying not to go silly cuz the Beans laff at me when I do.
No good, I just can't help myself.
What do yoo mean, my eyes are glazed? I'm just relaxing.
Ok, ok, if yoo could just leave me in the reekuvvery purrzishun, I'll be fine in a while.

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Hee hee! Look at dat big smile on yur face.
You look like you are having lots of fun with that 'nip, Flynn! :)
Far out Flynn. What a happy cat! Dream on. T'is heaven for sure...
aaaahhhhhhh, you look so contented. That's what good nip will do. Merry Christmas.
Oh Flynn...your recovery position is so funny and cute!
None of us are nipheads. We are freaks.

Yu look like I do when I git my nip!

abby and boo
Oh, Flynn, that's exactly how I looked when I sniffed my Holiday Nip Ravioli! I think that I'll go look for it now...

Purrrrrrs, Willow
Ah Flynn, yoo look so happy in yoor nip filled recovery. Mom sez she would kiss yoor chin.
Flynn, you look so happy!!
Oh yeah, buddy, a nip break on the cat tree is good times. Oh, and tell Flynn that I'm very impressed by the mousie he caught in the winter. He is a very smart guy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Oops, I meant Eric's mousie. But I'm sure you can get a mousie in winter, too, Flynn ol' buddy.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Going silly with the nip is half the fun! I like the orange patch under your chin. It looks cute.
Oh the nip fairy came to visit you!! We love love love the nip!!
You really are enjoying your nip, Flynn. I love your recovery position.

Thank you so much for your kind words about my sister-in-law. They helped me tremendously.
That must be some great nip! Just look how happy you are.
I think we all need a nip nap! I was so into my nip last night I could barely see straight. Enjoy!

Hahaha! Flynn's all nipped out :-D
Heh heh. Flynn is high....

Luf, Us
Flynn, my twin, don't fall off!

Nothing in the world beats really good nip!
I love your smile on your nipped up face!

-Jasper McKitten-cat
Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!! You're in da zone!!!! Heehee :)
Purrs Mickey
oooh, my handsome boyfurrendcat, you look so happy! nobuddy's given us nip in QUITE A WHILE. I'm gonna hafta insist on some.
You look so relaxed Flynn. Rest well.
Nothing like nip! You are furry handsome and manly.


NIPNIPNIPNIP!!! We hope it never becomes a controlled cat substance, because the whole point is to get out-of-control nipped!!

& the Artsy Catsy nippers
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