Monday, December 24, 2007


Mancat Monday

Hey where did that snow come furrom? If I stop here too long I'll end up a snowman cat.

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Hahahahah!!! Eric, you do look man~!!!!
Merry Christmas to you and Flynn~! You man brothers~!!
Oh dear Eric! Don't get too cold! Momma did that to me, but the flakes were red and green!

Eric, nothing wrong with being a snowmancat...then you'd be handsomely white like me! ;)


Merry Christmas Eric and Flynn!!

~Donny, Marie and Casey
Oh no! Not a snowmancat! Don't freeze your toesies off!

We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
The snowflakes are very pretty, but also very cold. Keep your toes and nose warm.
Stay warm Eric!
Very cute, Eric! Merry Christmas to you and Flynn, and your family. :)
You kinda look like HeBean in the morning! ;)
You look quite festive!

I've never seen real snow, so I have no idea where is come from. I bet if ya jump in bed with the beans you'll stay very warm.

If I don't see you later today,
Have a happy Chris-mouse eve and an ever better Chris-mouse day!!

Your pal,
You would make a most handsome snowman; don't forget the carrot nose and top hat!
Happy Christmas to one and all.
Oh no! Snow!

That's a four letter word around here. Maybe you don't know about four letter words though. If you don't know, four letter words are all VERY BAD and should not be said.
That looks cold! Stay warm Eric! Merry Christmas to you, Flynn and your Mom & Dad!

Luf, Us
I'm in Cornwall now! So I'm much closer to you! And its...raining! Just stopping by to say...Happy Christmas!
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