Monday, December 17, 2007


Mancat Monday

Look mum, I've brought you a purrezzunt. And I caught it myself. Flynn didn't help me at all. Aren't I clever?
Are yoo sure yoo don't want it? I did bring it in just furr yoo.
Well if you're really sure, then I'll eat it myself, but purrleez stop telling me to take it outdoors. It's much too cold to eat out there.

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I can't believe she didn't want it!
Oah Eric,
You are the manest mancat ever~!!!

What a wonderful present that you brought to your beans, they must be very very proud of you~!!!!!
You are amazingly excellent~!!!!

Have a great Monday.
i always wondered why they didn't have mouse flavored cat food... who ever saw a cat eat a cow?

smiles, auntie bee
Yay! You got a mousie too. SS is back and I can go visit again. Thanks for inviting me over when she was away. I would really like to see the vishus deer, dead or alive. Come over to my blog when you have time, I have some small presents for you.
Mouse! You are a brave mancat, I being a little boy would have ran from that!

You are so thoughtful!
What a good mancat, hunting mousies and bringing it to your mum. Sometimes they don't appreciate all of our efforts.
WOW! You are such a good mancat to your mom to bring her a real life fresh mousie!! Too baad she did not want it...
Wow, Eric, you are a great hunter! How nice of you to bring a present for your mom. Too bad she didn't want it. I have never seen a real, live mousie.
I have never seen a real live mousie before, either. It looks bigger than my toy mousies. You are a very brave hunter!
That was awfully thoughtful of you Eric! I am surprised she did not want it!
What is wrong wif our moms! Don't dey know how deelishus and nutrishus mousies are!
Great hunting Eric.Who wouldn't want a mouse!!
Great hunting Eric!! What's wrong with moms?? My mom said "Yikes! Eric brought a mouse right in to the house!! Please Jasper, don't do that." They just don't get it, do they??

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Good catch Eric! You are a very clever kitty and so thoughtful to bring it in just for your mom. She should be very happy that you wanted to share it with her!

Midnite & Stray Kitty
Do you want to come out to Snap's barn? The kitties there who are half your size have to catch rats that are as big as them!! (well probably not but they are HUGE). The LL does not like those rats and would really love you giving her presents like that. But in the barn. Not in the house.

we're sure yur mom really 'preciated the purresent, but she'd prolly alreddy eaten. sure is a tasty lookin' little guy. if we had summa those around, maybe I'd stop trying to attack Riley.
Excellent job, Eric! Your mum beans has always said Flynn's the hunter. I'm glad to see you know how to hunt, too!

PS: I think you should have killed it before offering it to your mum ;-)
What a great job hunting! You should be proud of yourself.
Wow, Eric! A real mousie! It looks like fun. I can't believe your mommy didn't want it.
Oooooh, I've never seen a real mousie before! You are a very good hunter. I think if I brought that to my Mum she would totally freak out : )
Eric, you're so lucky you could keep yur mousie and eat it! A mousie gotted into our house a while back and my daddy tooked it away from me and putted it back outside. DAG NABBIT! I hope yur mousie tastes really yummy. You are an ecksellunt huntur!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
yer so grate, that is so nice of too my gingurbread cookie mancat eric. And yoo evun browt it in fur hur...awww! I'm so luckie yer my handsum fudgesicle hubby!! -rosie
Eric, you are an excellent hunter! I hope you enjoy your mousie. *smile*

Happy Mancat Monday!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Eric sometimes I wait and jump on my mums bed with the dead mousie!! It is a good way to wake your mum up.

Have fun munching on your mousie.
Wow Eric! How cool is that bringing your dinner inside?

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. Maw is going "Ewwww."
Ewwwww! You didn't really eat that mousie, did you?!

Mousies are just for playin' with.

Your friend
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