Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our kitty furrends and their Beans, not furrgetting our dawg furrends and Buns too. Fanks to Zoolatry furr the pikshur.
Please scroll down furr Mancat Monday.


Happy New Year to all of you and your equine friends too!!

Happy new year Eric and Flynn
happy new year honey pies!!! hope you haf a wunderful 2008!

smiles, auntie bee
Happy Happy New Year to both of you, your Mum & your Dad!

Luf, Us, Paw & Maw
Happy New Year!

See you next year.

jans funny farm
Happy New Year's to you!
We hope your mom likes her socks. Momma says they take a long time to put on - especially if we're helping her. hee hee

Happy New Year to you guys and your mom and dad!!
Have a Happy New Year! Love Henry, Clyde and Charlotte Helton!
Happy New Year, you two handsome gingers! We just caught up with your recent posts - you've been up to a lot lately. We'd love to check out that barn with you and hunt mousies--and what a great Christmas you had. (And I'd love to see the centerfold in that Cosmopolitan magazine, Flynn! ~Bathsheba)

Happy New Year to you and yur fambly! We wish you all the bestest in 2008.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Hapyy Noo Year - it has been great to meet you and your fambly in 2007. I can't wait to hear more of your adventures in 2008.

Poppy Q
Happy Happy New Year!!! Thank you for the comment on our blog...yes, we was definitely smoochin' the New Year in! We hope you have the most wonnerful year EVER!
Very truly yours,
Mazie Grace & Jimmy
The Whiskers & Purrs Gang
Happy Happy Mew Year to all!

Purrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
MomCat & the Big Janitor
Happy New Year to you both! :)
Happy New Year to you all:) xxx
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Happy New Year, buddies! It sounds like you're having a great holiday there. Oh, and great cover-shot, Flynn!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy New Year Eric and Flynn. You look like you are having a lot of fun ringing in the new year.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Happy New Year from our fambly to yoors! We hope it's prosperous and full of toona and ham! Hee! Hee! We're glad you visited our bloggie.
Thanks for visiting our blog! Happy New Year!

The Turkey Cats
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to owr fun friends in da Yookay! Great graphic.
Happy Noo Years, Eric & Flynn...
Purrs, Missy & KC
Eric & Flynn, our good friends, all of us at Artsy Catsy wish you and your beans the very Happiest of New Years!

Hugs & Purrrrs,
Happy New Year to our ginger friends and their family in the UK!

As for our puzzle, the bird is a blue jay, or "jay.". Add that to "cake" and you sort of get JAKE!

WOO_HOO!!!2008 iz great!!!! Happy New Yearz boyz!!!! We had a great time wit you at da partee. Don't worry about da Burr-man's report..I burned it.
e + f ...
i am laffin an laffin! wuz yer dad impressed wid yer mudder?
wate until i tell mi dad ... he will think dat'z verree amyoozin! an ... mi brudder mickey iz verree prowd uv yer mom!
HAPPEE NOO YEER! more baseball fer u to lern abowt in 2008!
Happy New Year to my Friends!
Happy New Year to you and your family! Hope your 2008 is great!
Happy New Year from your friends in Australia!
Happy New Year!
And a Happy New Year to you, too!
Happy New Year to you both and your parents also!
Happy Noo Yeer Eric and Flynn!
Happy New Year to all of our friends!

Tara and Kavan
Happy New Year.
Happy New year Eric & Flynn and family! 2008 Is Going To Be Great!
Your FL furiends,
Happy New Year, you big party cats, you two!
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