Thursday, December 27, 2007


Chris Mouse purrezunts.

Mum said she wouldn't put the purrezunts unner the tree cuz we unwrap them befurr we're sposed to. She gave in and put them there on Chris Mouse Eve and told us not to touch them. We wuz good and only sniffed them and had a little chew on the corners. We didn't want to end up getting black rocks. On Chris Mouse morning, mum got all the purrezunts out furrom unner the tree.
We wuz excited, but mum sed they weren't all furr us. Some wuz furr her and dad.
We got a sirpurrize furrom Titus, Tazo and Earl Grey. We knew they wuz sending us a card, but they sent a pakkij and there wuz Temtayshuns furr us! Fanks efurr so much guys, that wuz a wunnerful sirpurrize. They sent mum socks wiv fingers in as well. Yoo can see them in the pikchur wiv a snowman and snowflakes on. Mum took a pikchur of her feet wearing them but she sez that pikchur must be on her uvver photo card. We're going to post that pikchur tomorrow.
Mum sez fanks furry much furr the socks. They'll keep her toesies nice and warm. We got a stripey fing that boings like a spring furrom one of the horsies, and we got diffrunt types of jingle bells balls, and a white catnip mousie.
The bottles were furr the Beans cuz we don't drink olkerholl.
Hmmm did some-one menshun catnip? I'm going to git that mousie.
Hehe lookit me, that mousie gave me laser eyes.
Look there's some string to play wiv too. Eric sez I'm sposed to play wiv the stripey boingy fing, but I like the string end the best.
We got some Stinky Goodness furrom our cuzzins Mickey and Monty and their new dawg bruvver Foxy.
We wuz having trubble gitting both our heads in the little pot, so mum put it in a dish furr us and didn't even make us go in the kitchen to eat it.

We hope efurrycat had a grate Chris Mouse and lots of lovely purrezunts.

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eggshulent purresents!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Happy Happy Happy Presents~!!!!!!
Boys dat was a great post about your chris mousie presents. You both look sooper happy.

I got good presents too and will do my post soon.

Poppy q
You look like you were having fun with that paper. And that food! DIVINE!
You got some really good Christmas presents. I like that stripey-boingy thing.
Purrrfect presents!
Meowy Christmas my friends!

wonderul presents!
What a very lovely pile of presents!

You got some great stuff, especially the TEMPTATIONS!
Wowie kazowie, you fellers got superduper prezzies! Looks like you hadded a great Chrissymouse!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
grate prezentz e + f!
wutta lotta fun fer u!
Oh, what delightful presents you two got! And those are adorable pictures of you, enjoying them. I am so glad you had such a lovely Christmas, and I wish you the Happiest of Happy New Years!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Oh guyz!! You gots great stuff!!! You musted been really good, 'cuz us cats only gots one prezzie each. Da momee wimped out when her back went, so she nevfur gots pix or anyting.
I yam hopin you guyz canstill come oevfur for lots of fun & food on Monday. We iz gonna makes ourselvz gain another pound by da end of da day.
Eric & Flynn, thank you for your very nice comment on our blog today. We're so happy to have you as our friends!

Love from all of us,
Holy Camoly - are you sure you have enough presents???? That's what I call INDULGENCE!
Hey! Our Maw got some Bailey's too!

That's a tiny bowl for both of you to be eating from. We would've been smakkin' each udder upside da hedz.

Luf, Us
I can tell you two had a wonderful Christmas :-D I don't understand why though all those presents weren't for you two. I think you should have just claimed them as your own!
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