Saturday, December 29, 2007


Chris Mouse cards

These are the socks wiv fingers that mum got furrom Titus,Tazo and Earl Grey. She sez fanks furry much, and they keep her toesies nice and warm. Fanks furr our Temtayshuns too.
We got lots of cards furrom our furrends this year. They are the cards on the bottom two rows. fanks to yoo all.

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This is just so so lovely and wonderful~!!!
I love that toes socks as well~!!!! And so beautiful cards wall!!! So neat~!!

We like to thank you as well~!!!
Cool sockies!
You guys have a great display of Christmas cards! You got super presents, too. What a great Christmas this year.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
cool socks! mommy is madder than MAD MAD MAD at our lady in the bloo shorts and parka who sented your card back. She's gonna yell at her the next time she sees her.
Heehee! Those are funny and cute socks.
Love those socks! We recognize lots of those cards cause we got them too!
Cute socks! I love all your cards. We see some familiar ones hanging there. Mommy put them on the piano so I can knock them over...I mean see them.

What a great Christmas you all had! I'm glad to see that.
Those are very cute toe socks!
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