Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Be careful Flynn, you might not want to take a bath~!
Don't fall in there buddy. That looks deep and you would be taking a long swim.
Are you meditating, Flynn? I like to stare at dripping water, too. The trick is not to get wet, though.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Momma had a cat who did slip off and fall in once doing that--wait that was Georgia. We still have that cat and she said it wasn't fun (although she MEANT to do that)
oh wow, Flynn. Yer sooo daring. One wrong step and yoo wood be vary unhappie!!
I love dripping water from taps too Flynn. But you betta be careful, dat pond looks really deep.
Ah, fresh tap water is the very best. Just be careful not to fall in.
Flynn, BE CAREFUL!!!!!!
You look very intrigued by the water, Flynn!
Drip, drip, drip. Another good place to get your water is if you mombean leaves a glass of it on her bedside table. You can even leave a little fluff of fur in it just to let her know you've been there. Then hide. Watch her when she drinks furry-water!
Actually: we are glad to be able to comment today; we have tried for 5 or 6 days of visiting your site to leave comments and for some unknown reason our computer won't let us. Success today! Yeah!
Have a happy happy.
Oh boy! Be very careful! Wet is not a way for a kitty to be!
It´s not a place for a cat. Happy WW. :-)
Whoa dare boy! Don't fall in! Yur paw paws and more will get awful wet.
Watch that water. I hope you didn't fall in! Happy WW
that water looks so inviting, doesn't it?
Be careful!!!!! Don't fall in. As my mom says "you will be one unhappy little ginger cat."

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Fall one way, you're in the water; fall the other way, you're in the trash. Be very careful!
It's fun watching the water, but you have to be careful not to fall in or you'll be going for a swim.
I see nothing wrong here.

Getting into position to watch mom take a baf? We do dat, we just gotta make sure she don't drown!
Dorfie an Annie likes to watch the tub full o' water too. Annie sticks her paws in an den liks dem. Datz a furry purty color of tub & sink. Is da loo da same color?

Luf, Us
Are yu gettin ready to take a bubble bath?

Wow Flynn, I like your burgandy bathtub, it is very pretty. I like to watch the water in the bathtub too, it is very interesting.
yikes! that stuff is the same nasty wet stuff that's in the big white bowl wif the lid that i jumped into the other day when the lid wuz up. I WUZ NOT HAPPY!
catcha kitty! mine is up....
It's fun to stare at the beans when they're in the tub. It really freaks them out. heh heh

DON'T JUMP!!!!!!!!!
Fresh running water!! Yum! Don't fall in though, we do not think you would like it.
That looks like fun :-D Just don't fall in.
You are very brave!!! I like to get close to that thing but not too close.

I sure hope your cat can move fast !

Great post. Happy WW.
You gots a red bathtub?! Ours is just boring beige.

Your friend
That's certainly one way to get a drink! LOL!

My Wordless Wednesday is up too if you get a chance to check it out! :)
What a daring man cat you are, Flynn! Be careful, don't fall in!
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You looks like you iz justee readdy to jumps right in....or mebbe take da hozee ting & spray da momee! We-hoo!

-Dr Tweety know whut they say about curiosity...
awww that is so cute Flynn ~The Fluffy Tribe
Flynn, be careful. Don't fall into the tab! haha
Ready for the dive? Hope you don't mind getting wet. It's not my favourite past time.
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