Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Nice cat. Happy WW. :-)
Oah Eric....
Are you waiting for something?
:) I just love that face! :) Happy WW!!
Very cute, Eric! :) Great portrait!

DAt is one grate pixchur of yu. wow I fink it ought to be in sum moozeeum....

Awwww. Maw wuntz to kiss yur noze.

Luf, Us
i wonder what's on his mind "do i look good?" "what's this for? are u posting me on the net again?" or "this is for you!" LoL! i'm just babbling!
eric you are a cutie pie!

smiles, auntie bee
eric, you look a bit rumpled? Were you napping?
Lookin' good.
You look like you have something on your mind. I wonder what it could be?
Eric, you do look very thoughtful today!
Oh Eric, you are a stunningly handsome cat. You make Momma remember why she loves big orange cats!
Hi, handsome feller!

Happy Thanksgiving, by the way!
That is one gorgeous ginger!!
Wow, what a manly face you have! Really, you're a handsome man.

What a handsome fella!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
What a pretty cat! :)

My WW is up too!
That is a "what do you want" face! I need to go practice that one now...

You want to look nasty but you look like a big ole cuddler to me!! Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure you get a piece!
Hey Eric--you have a very regal nose. I've never noticed that before. Maybe there is a Viking Chief Cat in your ancestors somewhere?
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Well, hello handsome.
Looking good Eric!
Ya look purrty serious!
How you doin?
Hi, Eric & Flynn! Wow, that's a grate close-up... Mom says it's like wakin up wif a cat on her chest.

Fanks fur the lovely Fanksgivin card! Mom gotta kick outa makin a turkey frum lotsa vegies! Hope you haf a great day an sum kinda speshul meal, efun if it's not Fanksgivin! Purrs!
Eric, you have such a cute face!
Very handsome, manly face you have, Eric!
That is one great head shot! Have you considered an acting career? I wrote the script for the new CCSI episode, I think Sassy will put out a casting call soon.....
That is a wonderful close-up of your handsome face!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat
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