Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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That looks like a nice place to play in the sun. Look at that litter box!
Holy Moly! My Lady and Senor are gonna go on one of those after they get married next year. An Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Royal Caribbean cruise line! She is really excited about it. Hey, I just realized that that means she will be leaving me! Crap!
hey e + f,
wutt ar doze grate big boatz?
were yer mom an dad un em?
What big water monsters you have there!
Welcom home boys and beans. We missed you lots.

Dems very big flash boats. Are they his and hers? Looks like there would have been lots of room for two mancats on there. How come they left youze at home?

Poppy Q
nice shot - happy WW :)
Nice picture!
Happy WW!
Wow, am them people toys???
Looks like a fun!
ALIENS ALIENS in the water!!! Did you thoroughly inspect your humans? Are you sure they aren't possessed?

Oh! I want to be there! :) Happy WW!
wow, I would love to be on there right now!!
What a great spot to frolic in the water and look at the giant boats!
Yikes those cruise ships are enormous! Happy WW
It looks like your Mum and Dad had a fabulous vacation - it looks very nice there. My Mum LOVES cruises, I don't because then she leaves me for at least a week!
Oah My,
It's look so great~!!!!!
What a giant great boat~!
Doze ist furry big boats.

Luf, Us
that is a great photo because it shows how huge those boats are. Is the man with the black bag going to walk out to his boat? LOL
the sea princess and the carnival trumph! nice!!!

smiles, auntie bee
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