Saturday, November 24, 2007


Why must I wait?

Come on mum, I want to blog. Come on, git on wiv it. Why do yoo want to look at boring old gift ideers anyway?
I can't stand much more of this waiting around. Duzn't she reelize I got furrends blogs to visit.
Hooray!! At last! I git to yoose the compooter. It's enuff to make a mancat roll wiv pleasure.

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Our mom has been very busy with stuff too.
soooooo annoying!
maybe she is buying stuff wif fevvers... effer think of that?

smiles, auntie bee
Can you believe that our beans were busy hanging lights on the house all day? We meowed and meowed at them to get inside where it was warm but they was out there forever!!
I roll with pleasure looking at Zoolatry too! I also roll with pleasure when I see you guys!
You need to send yur Mum fur remeedeeul traneing.

When she's lukin at prezzies, grab her plastik an buy sum stuff fur yurselfs.

Wow! It's a gud fing u guys r furry ifn it hardly effer gitz to 85F der. An now yur drinkin puddles haf gone hard? OY!

Luf, Us
Dat's a very tidy compooter desk. Lucky dere is room enuf for you on it.

You boys are very lucky being able to blog and control the remote for the teevee.
So cute~!!!
I can see you cheering in front of friends blog~!!!

You are so happy~!
I'm glad to hear you finally got to use the computer! Humans can be real computer hogs at times.
Good that you got to use the computer. You really do need to show your humans who's boss! My four masters have me utterly whipped!
Waiting is very, very hard! You look very cute when you are rolling with pleasure.
We hopes that yer mom was shopping for the two of you! That would be a good reason to hog the computer, right? We're so glad you got a minute to visit wif us dough.

Mindy & Moe
Don't ya hate when the beans decide to surf the net when you want to visit??!!!!!
I'm glad you finally got on and visited. It IS cold out today.Our porch is sunny and sheltered from the wind so it's not too bad.But I like inside best,it is warm ;)

Purrs Mickey
They should get their own computers so they don't have to constantly interfere whit our blogging because they want to use our computer. That's what I think.
I am glad you finally got on the computer to blog and visit. I love how you are rolling with pleasure.
Those are nice pictures of Flynn. The last one is really cute!
Thanks so much for the Thanksgiving card, guys! My mom loved it too--it was from her favorite card place.

Sorry we're so late~
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