Thursday, November 08, 2007


Blog Award

While the Beans wuz on their hollydays, we wuz given the "I love yer blog award " by 40 Paws, Fat Eric, Rascal, Jasper McKittencat and Sunny.
We want to say fank yoo to all of yoo furr giving us this award and we're glad yoo like our blog. We couldn't do nuffin about it befurr cuz we're not furry good at this sort of fing, and we needed our mum's help, so we had to wait furr her to decide to come home.
We want to give this award to Dr. Tweety cuz he makes us laff.

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Just dropped in to say hello. Come visit when you get a chance. And, I agree Dr. Tweety makes me laugh too. Good choice for the award.
Congratulations on your award! :) It is very well deserved. :) It is nice to have you guys back!
Congratulations on your award! I loves your blog, too.
Voted for Eric and Flynn. I get so jealous when I see all these cats on the blogs that actually sleep together. None of ours do that. The most they'll do it get within inches of each other. Maybe it's because none of them are litter mates.
But ever so many people love your blog! I think that is wonderful. Congratulations!
I voted on Catster fur ya! Will ya vote fur me too????? An' I didn't know Dr. Tweety afore so I'm glad fur the linky.
Congratulations on your award!
Congrats on the award! We voted for your picture with 5 paws of course.

Congratulations on the award, you guys deserve it because you have an awesome bloggy!
Oh Wowza!!!! I yam utterlee witout da proper wordz!!! My furry furst blog award & from you too efur so luverly ginger catz!!!!

I tink you guyz are super-duper & dezervez dis award!

It iz beyondz my wildest dreamz, to have so many wondr-furl friendz.

I will cook you all turkey dinner at my house. I have been studyin' my mag wit da bestee recipes & I tink dat all da cats of da blogg0spear will appreciate my cookin' skillz.

Congratz to you both!!! I yam still quakin' in my fur pants.... Momee???

-Kissez, Dr Tweety
Dems nice pictures of your beans when day went on holiday and left you two boyz alone. They look happy and relaxed. I bet you are both happy and relaxed now theyz home.

Poppy q
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