Tuesday, November 06, 2007


We're Back!!!

Yayyyy!!!!! The Beans came home on Sunday, and mum sed we could start blogging on Monday, but then she sed her new furrend Mr. J Lag had made her too tired and she had loads of washing to do, so we had to wait until today. Yup, not fair. I wanted to do a Mancat Monday but I cudn't, so yoo'll haf to make do wiv a pikchur of me on Sunday on a Toosday.
Mum had lots of post to sort out when they got home and our "cat vomit" sign had come furrom Mao which we won furr guessing his 300th Post.
Fanks Mao!!It wuz lucky it came when it did cuz Eric barfed on the kitchen floor on Sunday night. Must haf been all the excitement of the Beans gitting home.
We got a $50 gift voucher for Shutterfly as well furrom Mao, but mum sed we had to wait until they got home furrom their Holly Days befurr we could use it, cuz she wuz afraid that the photo book we are going to order mite git lost in the post, speshully seeing that the postmen here keep going on strike.
We'll put up some of the Beans pikchurs soon as well.
We haf had to put our werd verryfurrkayshun back on cuz a spammer wuz putting hundreds of comments on old posts and filling our male box up. What's up wiv the weerdos??

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Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray you are back! This makes me very happy because I missed you two.

I biggified the photo of Eric's bomit and he sure has some interesting stuff in there! My bomit is much more boring looking than that.
Hurray! We loved having you here but you know, but it's always good to be home!
Good thing you got the cat yak sign!!!!

We say, There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. (Uh, datz frum da wizurd ov oz.)

Maw sez comin home frum baykayshun is hard werk.

Luf, Us
Oh da hairballz sign iz soo good. da momee tinks dis would work well fur da house-hold. Spechully on da front porchee, where da hacked up ballz iz alwayz sittin.'

Sure glad you are back & keepin' cool.

-Dr Tweety
Good to have you back, guys!

We had to make a "no anonymous user" setting our comments too 'cause of some weirdo leaving nasty things.
Well it's about TIME!
That was the longest three weeks of my young life. Yours too?
LOVE the vomit photo opp!

I just came by to see if you were blogging again YET...and to invite you to come see my Tuesday post when you have a minute because I sense it is something you might be very very interested in participating in.

We sure missed you guys!
All Mosaic Cats & Lady & even the Dawg
YAY! I'm so glad you guys are back, I missed you lots.

I'm glad that your beans had a good vacation and that you guys are still doing well too!
Yay, you are back. Hope the beans had a good time. But now we need to hear about your adventures again.
I love that sign!!!!!
Welcome back, we missed you!! Looking forward to seeing some vacation pictures.

Ninja & Brenda
I'll settle for new pictures of you two from Sunday. You look so happy to have your beans back :-) And Eric was so happy he had give his mom beans a present!
we're all so glad you're home - 'specially me!

Hey Eric - you don't chew your food either? That looks just as chunky as what I barf up.
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