Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tummy and Toesies Tuesday

In most pikchurs of me asleep, I lie on my back. If Eric tried to do it, he'd probly git stuck wiv his legs in the air.We still love our vishus deer bed. When the Beans furrst brought it home, Eric didn't like it. He thought it mite eet him efun though he's not yung and joosy.Now he always gits on it wiv me, but sumtimes he takes up all the room and there's no place left furr me. When he duz that, I put the bitey on his ears and then he moves ofurr.

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Flynn, you are sleeping in the bunny pose. It kills Mosaic Lady. She wants to grab your back feet and squish them. None of us four do that. Only Walter did. It's very sweet and special.
Mom wants to snorggle on yoor tummy...she's weerd.
Dude, excellent Full Monty you've got going there!
Flynn, I like how your back feets are all curled up! Eric's back legs are sticking straight out!
You both look very cute lying there. :) Adorable tummy and toes, Eric. Your vishus deer bed looks very comfortable.
Too cute!!! Yummy tummies and toesies!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Flynn, my mommy agrees with the Mosaic Lady! You are too cute sleeping like that. Your belly is begging to be kissed!
(My mommy said that. Not me. But I do get my belly kissed a lot around here.)
eggshullent!!! yoo too look so cute!!! effen on the vishus deer bed...

smiles, auntie bee
Flynn, I have to say I don't think Eric would get stuck in that position. Sunny does it all the time and he's never been stuck :-p
YOU too look like too snug bugs in a rug...so comfy cozy.

Sleeping on your back is the best!!! When you're in that position you can fight back attackers and roll around for a good tummy rub.

AH! that's what we should do to mommy's ears when she takes up more than 10% of the bed
I sleep on my back all the time too! And I don't get stuck so I don't think Eric would either. It certainly makes the humans go "aw, how cute".

It is freezing in London, hope it is a bit warmer in Devon.
I sleep on my back too and I snore when I do it! It always makes my Mum melt and ooh and ahhh over how cute I am.

I love the picture of you guys - it is so cute.
Too cute. Our woofie brother Samwise likes to sleep in that pose too!

I would love to be your NOMSSF
I'm honored. So I live here in America, not on a farm though. I have visited a farm and thought the donkey was awesome

You two always look so cozy!
Oh man, now I really wish I had a vishus deer bed. I sleep like that, too, Flynn. I'm glad you figured out a way to get your share of the bed.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Wowza!!!! A vishus vegan deer bed????? Holy elks on a mountain! I yam plum amazed!!! Where did you evfur gets such a ting? da momee just about fell offa her office chair when she saw da pix of you two washin' yer earzez. She iz still laughin' & better be quiet, 'cuz she iz sneakin' a peek while she iz in da office!!!!

-Dr Tweety
That looks like kitty heaven!!
You better be sure Eric does not see the comment you made about him,heehee!

The pics of yer beans on holiday made Mom jealous.They were very beautiful.Mom wants to know what the food was like. Did they try local food?
You guys are way too kyoot all snuggled up togeffer.

Luf, Us
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