Friday, November 09, 2007


Some Holly Day Pikchurs

These are just a few of the squillion pikchurs mum took . This furrst one is a church in Ponta Delgado on The Azores. They wuz at sea furr three days, then stopped there furr a day, then it took them anuvver four days to git to the Carry Beans. This is in The Azores too. Mum is at the bottom and dad is the top one. The uvver peeple are their furrends who live near us.
This wuz a steel band in Antigua who wuz playing music beside the ship.
The Beans liked this beach in Antigua. It's called Dickenson Bay.
This is Dickenson Bay too.
This next pikchur is in Tortola. It is their faverit beach called Cane Garden Bay.Can yoo see the hyooj fev-vers in the water? They're called Pellycans.
This is Cane Garden Bay too.
Their wuz an Island Night party on the ship, so dad bought the brightest shirt he could find. Mum sed she needed her sunglasses to look at him.
This is on St.Vincent where part of the Pirates of the Caribbean wuz filmed.
This is part of the beach in Barbados, and it's called The Boatyard. Mum sez it is anuvver nice beach.This rock is in St. Lucia and it is called Lady shoe rock.
One night they dined on open deck . Mum sez those aren't all her glasses of wine, but we're not so sure. If yoo biggify this pikchur, yoo can see mum's necklace is a kitty cat.
We hope yoo liked the pikchurs of the Beans Holly Days.

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Glad they had a nice time. Mum says she was in Tortola, many years ago on a cruise.
OH those are Very very fun and most beautiful photos! We love your dad's orange shirt, and your mom's wine appreciation!
And especially the darling photo of you two up top.
We miss the beach.
(Those of us who know what beach means. Which is really just Mosaic Lady, Willie and Bianca.)
I think that looks like a divine place to vacation. I can't believe they left you behind!
Umm..not fair. That's what I hear the Woman saying. Wow, I hope they had a wonderful time!! What a beautiful place.


(Thanks for the good idea about Snap's mouth. She was much better tonight, the humans think it was a bite or bee sting or thorn or something on the outside, not the inside. The bit didn't bother her much tonight. Its freezing at the barn so we'll try to get her a warm compress)
Hey, I voted for you guys in the contest. That picture was too cute for words. I really like your Dad's shirt. It's awesome!
Nayburs carrying yer beans, lots of whine on deks, pirates named vincent, brite partie shurts- wow, yer beans are wild! Wild like yoo my chokolat covuered banana with sprinkles hubby, eric. Grate too have yoo bak!
This is just terrific~!!
I am so happy to see these pictures,I can tell both of your beans are happy~!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures for us~!
Furry nice pictures all of 'em. Seems as if your beans had lots of fun :)
Your parents look like they had a great vacation! And how nice of your mom to wear a cat necklace. She must have been missing you all.

The pictures are beautiful!!
-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Lovely pictures and I'm glad your beans had a nice time. I'll bet you were really, really glad to welcome them back. Concatulations on your award too, it's very well deserved:) xxx
That looks like a very wonderful vacation they had. I did not know they were going to Pair A Dice. But I see that's where they went!
Those are awesome pictures! It looks like they had a great time. i think they would've had a better time if they would've taken you guys though. :)

Those are great bay-cay-shun pitchurs! It looks so purrty and fun! An yur Mum & Dad hast furry nice tans! Makes dat orinch shurt furry nice! Did dey brink u bak sum sand fur yur litter box?

Luf, Us
whoa - that looks like they had furry much fun! hey, could they have so much fun without you two? duzzn't seem possible. we like your dad's shirt - it goes furry well with our furs. we wanna lay on it.
It looks like your Mum and Dad had a fabulous holiday, the pictures are very nice. I shouldn't have let my Mum look at the pictures though - now she is whining she needs a holiday AND that isn't going to happen because she isn't leaving me anytime soon!
Your Mum look very beautiful with her suntan and kitty necklace!

But, Wow-O-Wow that ornge shirt your Dad got is just the bestest!!!
Mommie says FANK YOO for showing doze pretty beach pictors. It's nice for her to see what da beach reely looks like instead of some half-baked pictor from da advertizing places. Da beans look so happy on the trip. Yoo also look so relaxed now dat dey are home. Is yur Mum's kitty necklace a Robyn special? She looks so pretty and happy wif dat on. See -- she wuz finking of yoo all da time.
Those are great vacation pictures, Eric and Flynn. I can tell that they missed you guys, though.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Did they bring you any pellican jerky?
Beautiful photos. Thank your beans for sharing them :-)
furry nice pikshurs!!!

smiles, auntie bee
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