Thursday, November 29, 2007


My Furrst Moovee.

I haf nefurr tried putting one of my moovees on here befurr, so I hope it turns out right.It's of me chasing daddy longlegs and moffs.Mum took it wiv her flashy box so the kwality is not too good. If yoo watch about half way through, I went behind the fence post and mum wuz trying to follow me. When the pikchur jerked up and down, that's when mum put her foot down a big hole. Hahahaha!!!!!

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Wow, great video Flynn! You sure move fast chasing after those insects. Wow! It looks like you are having a great time. :)
That was so cute! I had to watch it twice. You sure can run fast and jump high. I never knew you were so athletic.
Flynn dat is a very good moovie of you. I like the way you jump about in those lush green fields. I hope your mummy doesn't have a sore ankle.
Oh Flynn! You are a wild child! What fun!
Wow, yoo move really fast! It's furry purrty where yoo hunt too. If we lived in a nice area like dat we mite all go outside, but we is scared of all da noyzes in our nayborhood even tho mom sez it's quiet here. Sure hope yoor mom din't hurt her footy stepping in dat hole.
Holy Bast! You can hustle!!
WOW!!! You move so quickly for a Big Man Cat! I'm highly impressed with your skills and your beautiful land. Sigh....if only...

Wowie!! You can really move! I loved your first video. Good job. And my goodness you live in a beautiful place!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Great video Flynn. You are a fast and fierce Hunter. Mommy says that she wants to live where Eric and Flynn live - its so lovely!
Wow, Flynn! You are one athletic kitty! Where you live is very pretty, too. I'm jealous. Oh, and I hope your mommy is ok and didn't hurt herself being all clumsy and stepping into that hole! That sounds like something my mommy would do. *sigh*
Golly Flynn, that was really great! You was really jumpin' and runnin' and leapin' and having a great time! No wonder you are so skinny.

Now mine mombean is lookin' at me and sayin' that I need to get more x-rrr-size! *snort* Like that is gonna happen. I think I need a nap!

Your Pal
Excellent movie, Flynn! Boy you were jumping all over the place having fun :-D No wonder you're the thin one.

I look forward to any more movies your mom beans puts up of you, or Eric :-D

That was a fantastic picture show...we loved watching you run after all of them buggies!

We want more movies!

Oh Flynnie you look so cute running and jumping. I especially like when you jump, you are very athletic!

Is your Mum's foot alright? She took a very good movie of you.
Wow, you are a furry fast mancat, Flynn - like a streak of ginger lightning!

My mum likes looking at where you live, it reminds her a lot of the place she grew up near Falmouth.
purrrrrr! oh Flynn, you're such a manly and athletic hunter! we had a moth in here the other day but it was too high for me to reach. the Lady tried lifting me up, but she wasn't tall enough and I scratched up her arm. then the moth came down and Cocoa got it. ::sigh:: then Midnight ate the spider in the bathtub. ::sigh:: the next tasty buggie is MINE.

now I'm gonna go watch your video again and purrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Hi Flynn, you live in a wonderful place. I can't go outside, it is too dangerous for any kittie to be outside here in the city.
You run like the free!
Ooooh, Flynn, you can move fast for a big boy!
Mum liked seeing you race around the fields. It reminded her of when she lived in the country and the kitties would go 'on patrol' in the fields.
have fun!
That really looks fun! You are a fast hunter. You are lucky to have such a big playground! I am only allowed in the back garden but otherwise never outside the house.

Toona juice? I have never tried it; SS doesn't think we have it here. Just boring water and yummy milk but even then, I can't have too much.
wow! you are grate at that jumping stuff! sorry about mom's foot! your movie is grate too!

smiles, auntie bee

I tink you gots to be carefull dat da momee doez not fall down dat big rabbit hole. Remember what happened to da Alice????

-DR Tweety
Flynn, you are frolickin' & frolickin' -- so CUTE! And where you live is so beautiful. Lots of room to romp, you lucky kitty!

& his envious staff
WONDERFUL WONDERFUL VIDEO Flynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You jump so great and so high~!!
I can see you have great fun~!!!!!!!!!!

What a wonderful video~!!!!
Man oh man!!! That was too funny. You looked like you were havin a blast!! Lucky you :)
You jump really well too ,heehee
Wow, Flynn, you can really run fast and jump high! It looks like you were having a great time.
(sigh) I'm so envious, Flynn. Do you mind if I imagine that I'm you, jumping and running in the field?

That's a great video of you chasing your prey! Looks like you're having a blast!

Luf, Us
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