Friday, November 30, 2007



You told me it's a mouse, so why can't I eat it?


that is an eggsullent qwestion!

smiles, auntie bee
Hmmmm.... this is a good question~! But I really can't answer~!
I like to play with that kind of mousie but China Cat likes to play with real ones when she can find them!

Purrrrrs, Willow
Hey,I got one of those :)

( Glad you liked my T13.I really liked that pic of you guys. I like fun pics )

I don't think that kind of mousie would taste very good, Flynn. It's probably fun to push it around, though.
We wonders why your mousie has no fur...
P.S. Thank you Flynn for visiting Zoolatry... you must stop by on November 30 cause we GOTCHA (you!) on our blog.

dis is not a mouzie to eats it's a mouzie to play wiff!

Its kind of a big mouse. Does it smell yummy? If it smells yummy all bets are off and its fair game.

We have one of those, too, but we're not allowed to play with it. :(
I have wondered about that myself.
I have learned that some mousies are a lot more fun than others. That is one of the not-fun kinds.
I don't think that would taste very good, Flynn.

How iz you doin' my bruddr? I yam gettin' worried dere, dat you might be lozin' it. Dat iz not da eatin' kind of mousee! I tink you better come ovefur here & we can haz a few 'niptiniz togedder. Dis will get you back on da right track. Or mebbe, you alreaddy started witout me?

-Dr Tweety
I try to bite the 'puter mousie too, my Mum is not impressed when I do that!
It doesn't look very furry . . . or tender. Does it smell good?
those mousies is fur hed-buttin' offa the desk. i duz that wif the Lady's lots.
Why don't our moms know what a mousie looks like? We have one of those, too. Mom says it's a mousie...NO it's not. Mousie's have long tails, run fast...and are soft.
That's a very good question, Flynn! Of course, I've never seen a real, live mouse.
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