Monday, November 26, 2007


Mancat Monday

A Mancat will lie quietly among the rocks keeping a lookout for vishus deer. He does this because he knows it is a Mancat's job to purrtect his Beans and his bruvver.

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you are surely the man honey pie!

smiles, auntie bee
You are a great mancat~!
That expression of you is very very handsome~!!!
You are a very brave mancat, Eric!
You are so lucky to have such nice rocks the lookout from. Very manCatly.
Eric, you're an awsome mancat
Oh Eric, you are a very brave mancat. I bet Flynn protects you too.
No vishus deers will sneak up on you, Eric. They'd better beware of the big mancat lurking in the rocks.

You is doing a great job Eric. Does it pay well?
I can tell Eric is a very good protector. That look of his should scare off any deer!
That's a great photo of you keeping watch, Eric! You are a very brave Mancat! :)
You look very handsome if I can say so, standing watch. Are you sure you're not taking a little nap on the job?

Eric, you are very, very brave. But I think if a vishus deer shows up, it is OK to run away.
Eric you sure are brave. I once saw a deer in my backyard but I was scared and ran away(and I was inside the house). Shhhh don't tell anyone I don't want to ruin my man cat image. -Guy
Eric, dat look made my sisfurs weak in da knees. Dey is furry hard to impress so yoo must be doing something right.
You are a very brave mancat Eric!
I bet your family feels really safe with you on guard duty!
Great job with the brave mancat guard duty!
Eric, you are a great man-cat to protect your beans and brother from those vishus deer!
A puuurfect place to hide fer a sneak attack!
What a brave handsome mancat! Great job you are doing there.
You've got the right idea, Eric. A mancat never knows when he may be called upon to defend himself or his loved ones. You look quite alert and ready for anything.
Wonderful mancat! The vishus deer don't have a chance!
Youze da MAN!

Luf, Us
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