Monday, November 19, 2007


Mancat Monday

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to be a mancat today cuz I haf to admit I got skeered. Is it ok furr a mancat to git skeered? I don't puff up like Flynn, my furrs just go sort of loose on my back and tail. When Flynn gits skeered, his tail goes like a bottle brush.
There's sumfing here that I don't like. Mum asked me what it wuz, but I'm not telling. I don't want her gitting skeered too.It's my seekrit.

Flynn's not here. He must haf been so skeered that he ran back home.I'll try to be a good mancat and not git skeered again.

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You are one BIG mancat!!! It doezn't matter if you gets scaired or not. Its only important dat you went outside to investy-gate. I yam just glad dat you did not run into any of doze vishus vegan deerz dat have been takin' ovfur da neigh-bore-hoodz.

Dr Tweety
being scairt is ok for a mancat, it only means that you are extra-careful while snoopervizing the neighborhood...

puurrs and hugs Kashim & Othello
I agree with Dr. Tweety and Kashim and Othello. BTW, looks like you had good weather in Plymouth. It's been raining frogs and dogs here in "sunny" Brighton and in Worthing, where we went to have lunch with friends:( xxx
I think it is okay for a mancat to be scared. Being scared is what keeps you safe and smart. A good mancat is both, cause he has to protect his family.
Be furry keerful Eric!!! Maw lufs bottle brush tails. U wood problee haf a good one if u did it.

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. We'll let u know nex tyme we haf a nip par-tay!
I am a mancat and I get scared sometimes too. It's okay.
Being scairt is a survival skill. Cats that don't ever get scairt get eaten and stuff. So it's ok to get scairt.
your bud Pepi
Eric, it's purrfektly find for a mancat to get scairt.

your fellow scairty mancat Sammy
its ok to get skared if yet a supur cute mancat like yoo are my coconut creme pie with tiny coconut sprinkulings on top hubby, eric. Yer the bestest! -rosie
Hi boys!! I haven't dropped by in quite some time but I just want to say that you're beautiful even when you're scared. Oh... and it's OK for a mancat to be scared... it shows that you're sensible about danger.
It's OK to get scared, Eric. That just means that you are sensible to danger. It helps keep you safe.
Sunny says it's okay for you mancats to get scared. He's scared of loud noises, and strangers.
You had asked recently why I call Sunny gravy. Sunny made a post today to explain that, so go see ;-)
Oh it's not only okay it's furry sensibul. If yoor not scared of stuff dat can kill and eat yoo den yoo will get killed and eaten. It's in da rule book somewhere.
I wonder what is scaring you? It is perfectly okay to be scared if you are a mancat. In some situations, it's the smart thing to do!
It's ok to be scarit and a mancat.
No matter how big you are it is perfectly o.k. to get scared! It helps you survive and makes you a smart mancat!
Being scared is not something to be ashamed of. I am terrified of thunderstorms and the vacuum but I don't let that make me any less manly. You're very brave!

Do not worry, it is OK to be scairt Eric. I get scairt ALL THE TIME! But since you are a big Mancat, you only get scairt once in a while.
Scairt = concentratin'.
So's yous really just payin' close attention.
I think it's OK for a Mancat to be startled by something and proceed cautiously and carefully. Stay alert and let us know what you found!
i get scairt too but i'm not a mancat... i think it is okay though because you are furry brave most of the time!

smiles, auntie bee
But what WAS the scary thing?

You are both furry brave mancats I am sure.

It has been raining and raining and raining and miserable here all day, I hope it is better in Devon. Bah.
We think being scared is okay for a mancat. If we didn't know what it was like to be scared, we could not be sure we were being brave, right? What scared you?
Its okay to be scairt- sumtimes its effun sort of fun to be scairt! It meens yoor furry in tutch with yur surrowndings.
We all get scared sometimes. Of course it is OK. What lovely coat you have!
It ok to be scared. Guy is scared of his own shadow!
will you tell US what it was? you can whisper so your mom won't here. we think you're very brave to track down the scary thing. Cocoa's a mancat, but he runs from everything.
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