Thursday, November 15, 2007



All the leaves haf been falling out of the trees so mum swept them all in the corner furr me so I had a nice comfy bed in the sun. What do yoo mean it's not a bed furr me? Why do yoo want to put them in the wheelbarrow? Surely yoo wouldn't make me move?

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What a perfect autumn nest - too bad you had to get up!
surely not!!!

smiles, auntie bee
you look so happy there!!
The color of your furs matches the leaves - that's really gorgeous!
I think that is very very romantic~!
And I almost could hear the leaves sound though your feet and ground~! That must be very good hearing and comfortable~!!!

Have a great weekend.
Poor Flynn. She should have let you have those leaves all to yourself!
Wow, we don't have that many leaves around the house. That looks like a cool spot to hang out on!
That's ALL the leaves you have? We'll send you some of ours. And ours have barely begun to fall.

Luf, Us
Those leaves look really warm and comfy!

That looks like a great nest to snooze in. I can't believe they are moving them!
That does look like a comfy bed. Maybe when the leaves get in the wheelbarrow you could lay on top of them their. Your furs look very nice against the leaves.
What a comfy and crackly nest you got there! I do not think you should move.
I can't believe she's making you move!
The furless ones here burn, burn, burn, until all the leaves are gone. Daddy picks them up with the growly lawn mishene. There is smoke everywhere.

Hey doze leavez look nice!!! I yam surprized dat your momee did not put dem dere speshul. Mebbe know dat she knowz you likes 'em, she will be rakin' more of 'em up fur you.

Pleaze come & enjoy da big tur-key dy party I yam gonna have while my beanz are gone!

-Love, Dr Tweety
They make a nice crinkly sound too!
I just get to watch the leaves. They look fun to sit in.
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