Friday, November 23, 2007


Just me and the TV

It's grate when I can git the remote away furrom my dad. I can just lie back and relax and watch my faverit programmes.

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I hope that is not Dr. Phil, Eric.
Do you know Kellie watches that stuff?
I know it's not Tuesday, but I feel like tattling anyway.
You look so comfortable! What a lucky cat.
that is esszaktly what i luk like!

smiles, auntie bee
You look just like our Dad!!
You are the man, Eric~!
The most powerful one in the house could control the remote~! Hehehehe~!
What a great way to spend the day!! Thanks fur the grate T-day card! It wuz SO KYOOTT!! We'll send u sum turkey, ok?

Ges wat? It was a record 84F on Tuesday an tuday it was sleetin an snowin. Datz Texassss fur u. We ist now freezin owr toez.

Luf, Us
Good job! I hope you enjoy your TV time!
Thank you soooooo much for the great Turkey card! That was so absolutely sweet of you!
Your friend Karl
That's a great way to spend the time, Eric. Good job on getting the remote.
Hahaha! What a great photo!

Eric, I didn't know you like to watch TV. I learn something new about you every day :-)
Thanks, Eric for the lovely card!
Be sure to come over for leftovers and to meet Lydia.
Don't forget Flynn!
P.S. Having the remote is an alpha male thing, Mum says...
hee hee - great pikshur
What are you watching, Eric? I like to watch Project Runway so I can see pretty fashions.
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