Sunday, November 25, 2007


Easy on Sunday Morning

Sundays are the best day furr just lying around taking it easy. Trubble is wiv the cold weather, the flies haf got dozy and keep coming indoors, and they annoy me when I try to sleep. They fly this way..........
and that way............

but I always git them in the end. Yum Yum!!
Now maybe I can take it easy at last.

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That's great! It's like having your snack delivered!
Lol...So cute :)
Oah~!!! Very good!!!!!!
That is why you are the mancat~!!!!
Sorry to hear that the flies were bugging you, Flynn. Nice job catching it though! I am impressed!
silly boy, cats don't eat flys!!!

ha ha ha ha ha

smiles, auntie bee
Did you yak it up afterwards? Datz da best part!

Luf, Us
You eated a fly? That sounds like a delicious snack!
Flynn the Fly Catcher!
You look so comfy! I can't believe you can hunt looking so comfy!
Darn flies! I've lerned to just ignore them and sleep under any condishuns.
Yup,this time of year the flys are stoopid!!
Have a nice nap and a steady stream of snacks,heehee!
What a great spot to take it easy on!
Oh dat is grate, a snack in bed. Speedy's missing his fly hunts and Sadie hasn't had a fly snack in weeks.
Now that is whut we call fast food delivery!
I know your beans must appreciate that! Our cats aren't very good at catching flies, I wish they were.
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