Sunday, November 18, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning

There's nuffin like having a lie in on a Sunday morning. That's mum's legs I'm lying on and Eric is snuggling against them. She's not allowed to git out of bed until we're reddy to git up too.


that is two adorable darlings there!!!

smiles, auntie bee
I am always ready to get up--that means food. But I do think you all are adorable there. It's very smart of your humans to have gotten bed coverings that match you all.
That looks like a comfy spot to sleep!
Is it Sunday morning for you already? You do look cozy. We haven't even gone to bed yet for Saturday night, so we may let Mom sleep in a bit tomorrow morning. Or maybe not.

Poor mum, trapped by you two big boys. I do dat to my mum as well.

Have a nice Sunday -it's Sunday nite here and we is off to bed soon.
That's a good way to have a Sunday lie-in. You certainly both look very comfy.
Hey guys, is it getting cold where you live. It's sure getting cold here. Perfect snuggling weather. FAZ
I think that Mommy really enjoys being trapped like that!
Sunday cuddles, warm 'n cozy. Mommy didn't need those legs today anyway!
Make sure to look out for the monsters under the covers-I recommend a good bite or two!
You both look very cozy and comfy, snuggling there. :) Lying in bed on a Sunday morning is a wonderful thing to do.
You all look so cozy and comfy! How nice of you to keep mom warm!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
I sure wish my Mommie would sleep in! It looks very relaxing. But she takes a nap in the afternoon, so that's almost as good.
I think that is a good rule.Mom dosen't unless we move,heehee.
I'm glad you like the meme I did.
Consider this a tag,because it is such fun to see what everycat treasures and what yer Mom treasures.So come on and play and ask your friends too:)
You can go back to sleep now,heehee
If you don't let her go, you might not get fed.
Oh, we do da opposite. We wake mom up and make her get out of bed and do our stuff...every single day.
Yup. Mum's kaint git up until da poodins say so.

Luf, Us
Good rule. I should teach Mom that one.
your bud Pepi
I bet your Mom bean's legs were very warm with both of you laying on them :-)
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