Saturday, November 10, 2007


Ear Washes

Do yoo know what Eric? I don't trust yoo the way yer lying there. Yoo look like yer planning sumfing. Uh oh, when he gits on my back he sumtimes starts biting my neck and I don't like it.If I yell loud enuff, mum comes and rescues me.
Huh Eric, why are yoo sniffing my ears?
Oh that's all right. he's just going to wash them furr me.
He's still lying on me though.
Do yoo want me to wash yer ears furr yoo now Eric?
Aaaargh! I wuz only giving them a good wash. Yoo didn't haf to put the bitey on my throat.
That's enuff of that, and yoo can stop looking at me out of the corner of yer eye like that Eric.

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You two are so cute. The woman has always wanted two cats who actually liked each other!
You guys are so sweet.
Gosh I didn't think I was going to be able to post a comment. It wouldn't come on, but finally it did. Bet your Mom was having a ball snapping those pictures of you two cleaning ears. I usually do the grooming on the two girls here. Very rarely do any cat around here will lick me. Maybe I have B.O. or something. Whatever B.O. means.

That blanket you were laying sure does look comfy. Looks like your beans had a great vacation. Pictures are really good. Mom finally is getting some of the links back on after she lost them awhile back. That's why I'm finally getting to visit again.

Oh Flynn, you sure do know your brother well.
Aww, you guys are so cute. :) You look so sweet lying next to each other and grooming each other. :)
You made us laugh out loud with this one! Flynn, you might not want to wash Eric's ears any more unless you can find a way of protecting your throat! Because I think Eric still has some tricks up his sleeve.
Oh how sweet!!! Until Eric put the bitey on Flynn's neck. In the last picture it looks like Eric really wants to do that again!
That was very cute until Eric became a vampire kitty :)
That's pretty funny, Eric. Flynn--you're a good sport. Sometimes I start to wash Momma's hands and then I put the bitey on her. I think it's funny.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Hi Boyz! we're glad you're back. My Mum was away so we couldn't visit like I wanted. Glad to see all is well. Mum says the Azores look lovely. Something about warmth and sun...
Take care!
Oh, you two look so cute together! Until the Bitey! Sometimes Willow puts the bitey on me when I wash her too!

Purrrrrs, China Cat
Mom thinks it's great that you groom each other--even if the bitey comes out. We won't touch each other and won't even sleep on the bed when the other is on it. It exasperates Mom.

Speaking of Mom, she thanks you for the hug. She needed it.

hehehehe, what adorable pickshures of you! Brainball and me like to wash each othur, too -- and then I like to get him inna headlock and start a RASSLIN match!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Yoo gots ta always watch owt for da ofur one. Beau Beau duz da same fing to me. He pounces on me an mom comes to rescue me when I cry owt. But I still usually win coz yoo could tell by who has more scabs on dare neck from biteys.
You guys are funny!!! Very nice pictures.
Only so much nice stuff, the ear washing. Then comes the bitey stuff.
oh that looks like an ouchy bitey there, but maybe its worth it for ear washes ~the Fluffy Tribe
Oah My God,
this is just super super sweet~!!!!!

Oah My dearest brothers,
you are more sweeter and honey~!
That's too sweet!!! Maggie is our resident ear cleaner.

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh this is funny. Thank you for the great laugh!
Remember, now...tomorrow is TATTLE TAIL TUESDAY.
I hope you have taken copious notes all week, in between ear washes.
you two are soooooo cute!

smiles, auntie bee
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