Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Ooooooh- dis iz a scary wordy-lezz Wednezday. I tink I would rather see you and da other nice ginger cat instead. Brrrr! I tink I feel a chill in da air!

-Dr Tweety
Eeeeeeeeek, that fence is watching me and really freaking me out!
This is so cool!
Who has the great photographer's eye to notice this?
Eric? Flynn? Dad? Mom?
Great catch, whoever found it first!
crappity-crap-crap-crap there's a ALIEN in your house
i always called that "naughty pine" and those things always looked like scabs on baby's knees to me. we have some of that wood in our podunk house and i always wanted it painted but sarge never would do it...

smiles, bee
That is spooky...
Hahahaha - very good!!!!
You will be off line for THREE weeks??? Can you enter Skeezix Halloween contest before you leave???
I hope so...
That is so cool...I would have to avoid that part of the fence though. lol
Happy WW!
Scary! The fence is watching. Very spooky.
Wowww, this photo is so neat~!!!
Brilliant! Happy WW
looks like a face :)

happy WW to you!
Wow was that taken at your house = I've heard "the walls have ears" but never "the walls have eyes". FAZ
I see a horse. :-) Great.
Cool! Now,he's staring at me! LOL
Mines up:D
This is very very cool! :) Happy WW!
Aaaaahhhhh! The walls really DO have eyes! I hope he is friendly. I am now off to examine all of my walls. Just in case.
I can see a horse looking at me. Wuakakakaka
nice wood face. lol happy ww
what spooky eyes!!
We jumped back from da screen when we sawed dis! Mom sez it looks like a horesy looking strate at, okay mom, whatever.
Yikes! That fence is askeering me a little.

That's scary, but it looks gingery so maybe it's OK. I'd keep an eye on it, though.*shivers*
Looks a bit like a lion. Growing up, we had these wooden doors that I used to stare at, seeing all kinds of shapes and things in them.
I see a canine face in those eyes. Go figure, we all see what we want to see (or maybe "want" is wrong word ;) )

Great find, and photo.
That's very strange. Therefore, I love it! :)
Someone didn't turn one of you into a fence board did they?!
We think that is a cooool picture!

~ Bob and Patrick
eeeeek! we wouldn't go near that thing...'specially at Halloween. (the Lady thinks it's way cool & is gonna show it to the teenagers)
My goodness, that's downright creepy!! I wouldn't want a fence watching me all the time.

That is awesome, reminds me of one of the horse photos I almost posted today! Thanks for coming by!
It looks like an elephant to me...though, I still don't think I'd want my bed near that board!

Happy WW!!!
"Wow" that's spooky just in time for Halloween.
Furry cooool. Gramma has a peese of wood that owr unkle bean fownd that looks like a kitty head we'll haf to get a piksher of it for owr blog.

Booooooooooooooooo! That is kewl and very spoooookay!
Dude, you have a haunted fence??!!! That's weird.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
That's COOL! I wish I had a wall/fence/anything like that!!
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