Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Tummy Tuesday

Today yer gitting two tummies furr the price of one. Oh all right, they're both my tummies, but I wuz making the most of a nice sunspot, so yoo got me furrom two angles doing a Full Monty wiv a twist.

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You've got that Full Monty with a Twist down pat - great tummy!
Nice tummy shots, Flynn. :) Looks like you got some nice stretches in, in the sun. :)
You both have very white, soft, floffy belly~!!!!!! Oah, I want to kiss your tummies~!!!!

Smoooooooooooooches on your belly!!
Flynn you look all cosy stretching in the sun. What a nice tummy you have. Can we tickle it?
Awesome twist! Yoo am furry flexible and in grate shape.
You do fantastic Full Montys! I like how you keep one foot on the wall.
We see your pink spot! Great sun spot you're lying in there too Flynnie!

Luf, Us
Aaaah, stretchies in da sun...mom is so silly, she wants to kiss yoor little pink spot.
Double cute bellies!!! And in the sun!

wat a cute tummy flynn!!! you is the gratest!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Way to go on the twist! That really adds a degree of difficulty to the Full Monty. I agree with Daisy, nice technique with your foot on the wall. Did that help you get the purrfect twist?

Happy sun spot sleeping!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
What a nice tummy! Flynn is very handsome.
A long white tummy in a sunshine strip! Those are great pictures, Flynn.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
I do so wish that I had sun like that! You look so comfy!
A great Monty and twist with wall assist. Nothing like a good sunny spot.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
hehehe excellent!!! Very cute!!
Sunny spots are the best place to do the MontyQ(or any Monty ;) )
That is a very good full monty with a twist! Very, very good.
Great tums! And I love how you match your carpet. Funny, we match our carpet too. I wonder if our mom's got us cause we matched the house...

Your beans left me a message that Sunny and Eric are also tummy twins. I haven't seen a tummy pic of Eric. Is it just the fullness that makes them tummy twins or are their markings the same? Could you put up Eric doing a full monty so I can see?
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