Friday, October 12, 2007


Thanks Samantha and Tigger.

I was sat here admiring the view cuz I know I won't be seeing it again furr three weeks, when I heard dad calling, "Eric, Flynn, yoo got mail" Mail?? Furr us? That's grate, so I went running to see what it wuz.It's a pakkij furrom Samantha and Tigger furr guessing their mystery post.
There wuz sumfing inside called a teezer toad.
Dad dangled it furr me, and it wuz fun to catch it.
When yoo catch it yoo haf to put the bitey on it.
This is fun. Keep going dad.
I wuz so bizzy playing I furrgot to see what else wuz in there. I can see postcards and a calendar and a frij magnit.
Flynn wuz sulking cuz he duzn't want the Beans to go on their Holly Days.Dad put it on his head and he purrtended he didn't know it wuz there.Flynn gits reely sad when they leave us. I'm ok as long as I git my Stinky Goodness and lots of treats.
Hmmm what's this? I better check it out.
There's postcards, one of Floreedah and one of a hyooj lizzerd. Mum sez he's called Gator. There's a calendar too wiv kitties on it.Best of all there's lastik to play wiv.
I love playing wiv lastik.
And I love putting the bitey on it
Oh there's a fing on the uvver end of the lastik which looks like fun to play wiv too.
Fanks Samantha and Tigger furr the grate purrezunt.
This will be our last post furr just ofurr three weeks. We hope to be blogging again on Nov 5th, but we will try to do some visiting befurr that.Lots of kitties haf said they will come and visit us. Henry Helton, Jake and Bathsheba, Karl, Donny and Marie and Parker are all going to teleport ofurr.My sweetheart Grr is coming to visit and bringing the Blonde Girl cuz parruntly she's furry jennerus wiv the treats. Fat Eric has invited us to visit him and he sez his mum will be home furrom werk the week after next, and she'll give plenty of chin scritches.
We had some exciting news furrom Chey. She is going to see if she can get us asylum in the States. We're going to be Asylum Seekers!!
Well that's it, we'll see yoo in November. Don't furrgit who we are will yoo.

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Nov 5 is a bazillion sleeps away!
We will miss you so much, but not as much as you will miss your Mum and Dad.
We do not ever understand why you cats allow your persons to go away.
There is really no need to permit this.
Ask Mosaic Lady. She has not left us for more weeks 16 years! And for 10 of those days she made her 82 yr old grama fly in from CA to love us in CO!
If you need tips on how to fully take over their lives, just let us know.
Hi Eric and Flynn:
We are so glad you got your package before vacation and that you liked it. We will come and see you, too, while Mom and Dad is gone. And no way we will forget you!! We saw your prison post and the face in the fence. Wow!!! Don't be sad, we will think of you everyday.
Your FL furiends,
We will come see you too! I don't think you need to skip our party just 'cause your peoples are away. Just sneak over and play without announcing yourself as being here. Then they'll never even know!!!

Hope you can sneak over and join us! It won't be the same without you!

WOWY - whut great pressies! You will have lots to play wif while yer beans are gone.
Oh no. Sniff. Free weeks am a long time. I bet yoo will feel sad missin da beans an dey will be sad missin' yoo. We'll telepurt ofur too to make sure yur ok. Tell yur beans to check in ok? Dere am plenty of internet cafe's all ofur da werld.
I think I can get you Asylum here guys. I just need to be your sponsor. No Prison for you!
Don't worry - we could never forget you guys! We'll come over to see you too. That's terrific that you got your package for your Mum and Dad went on their Holly Days - lots of toys to play with for you!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oops we meant that it's terrific that you got your package BEFORE the Holly Days...

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
What fun toys, but now you won't have anyone to play with to use them.

I may try to teleport over too. I am getting the feeling mum is going to be gone too sometime soon.
What a great prize package! I never saw a teezer toad before, and I thought I had every toy. It looks very fun.

I am sad that you will be gone for so long. Even ONE week has seemed like an eternity! You can teleport over and visit with us any time you like. I cannot wait until you are back.
i will nefer furget you too kitties effer! i will also be gone until nov. 11th. i could teleport you too onto the cuoose ship wif me iff you want...

smiles, auntie bee

(that was enough to hold youse)
I will MISS YOU A LOT~!!!!!
Oah, dear~!!!! Just thinking of seperating so long time I feel so sad~!!!!

Congratulations for your package, that is wonderful~!!!
And take care yourselves you 2~!!!!

Have a great holiday to Eric and Flynn's mom and dad~!
Those are such nice pictures of Eric and Flynn playing with their prizes :-)

See you again in early November.
Concatulations on your wonderful presents - sorry your beans are going away again - hope you have lots of fun and play in the meantime :)

see you soon...
Oh no, I'm gonna miss you guys. I'm glad you got such a fun package with stuff to play with while your momma and dad are away. Hang tough, buddies.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
just be happy they aren't dragging you along, we haf experienced that too much lately, move, move, move, pack, unpack, pack, unpack, *sigh* ~The Fluffy Tribe
I need me one of those toads. NOW!
Just visiting peace globe bloggers tonight.
We will have another BlogBlast For Peace November 7, 2007. You are cordially invited to fly your peace globe and write a Dona Nobis Pacem post that day. Thank you for participating in the past. It will be a fantastic day in the blogosphere! Click here for the scoop and please spread the groovy peace vibe.
How To Get Your Peace Globe November 2007

Safe travels to your folks - we will miss you very much. Samantha and Tigger are great!!!
We just thought we'd teleport in for a quick visit. We hope the Blonde Girl has been by with the treats!

Our Mom is leaving us on the 20th for a week! And she left us for almost a week earlier this month. This time she's going to visit Dad.

Oh no, My fuffy pownd cake ERic! I'm coming ovur to help yoo put the bity on that lizzurd gatur thingy and than we can eat mowsies that flynn catches fur us togethur! -Rosie!
Doods! You no how much we ist gonna miss u!!! Hey, we giveded u an awardie cuz we luf yur bloggie. Mebbe u kin teleport ofer to git it while yur beans are gone.

We'll stop in frum tyme to tyme to help u guyz trash da joynt.

Luf, Us
That's a great package and it looks like you had fun.We'll miss you see you in November.
Missing you already, Eric and Flynn! Don't forget to come and visit me. I have given you an award on my blog today (Oct 15th) so when you get home you can come and collect your award!
Guys, we can't go that long without seeing you, so we'll come over.

Everyone...we have to get our stuff together. We're going to England to see Eric & Flynn!!
Eric & Flynn,

Hold on der! We iz comin' to vizit you. Who said we cannot oper-ate da comp-hooterz anywayz? If we all get togedder & share our toezez, den we will have enough of dem fur da kee-board.

What iz it wit da beanz & der holly-dayz anyway?????

We will miss you...

Dr Tweety
Lucky you! That looks like so much fun! I've given you an award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.
We are going to miss you all soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. But is sure sounds like you have a lot going on while the beans are around.

When you get a chance, come by our blog...we nominated you for an award 'cause we love your blog!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Eric and Flynn

OH no da horrors of it all....we hopes fings is going OK furr boff of yu. How wood yu like 5 more kitties to come pay yu a bisit? We can git all rowdee and half fun playin out in yur fields and gardens. Dat wood make us happy poodins....

Yur Mum and Dad will be back before yu knoos it!

YOu two got a great package!
we hope you have a nice travel trip around the US. It is kind of pretty here now.
While your beans were away, I gave the "I Love Your Blog" award to the both of you :-) See the post here:
Looks like there was lots of cool stuff in that package. Isn't mail nice?

I'm sorry your beans are going away. :(
Dudes! U turned on yur pooter! How kyool!! Hey, we tot u wuz hangin wid Chey & Gemini cuz dey keep bloggin bowt all da fun stuff youze doin. All ov youze can drop in anytyme heer at da Forty Paws. We haz plenty of beds an lots ov toys an fuud. Come on ofer!

Luf, Us
I am so glad you are enjoying yourself Eric and Flynn. I admit this whirlwind tour is better than prison, although I can't believe you guys have not worn out just yet!
Check out our Wordless Wednesday, posted on Tuesday October 23!
I sure wish you would get home soon.
Hope you have a good holiday/blogging break. See you in November Eric and Flynn. FAZ
We hope that your fambly is havin' a nice holiday. You got some neat-o gifts from Samantha Black an' Tigger. Cool!
Meow - you've got some beautiful kitty photos there. Would you like to enter them into Catster's World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show? We would love to have you enter! It's free, there's some awesome prizes, and you can vote on your favorite photos. Meow!
I'm missing yoo tons my cinnabun with eggstra icing!!!

Yer gurlcat frum across the sea,
Oh hai you two! I look forward to hearing about your adventures when yous returen on 5 November!
Are they back yet boys? I is missing your adventures. Man you guys must be hanging out to get back to blogging and cause some mischief.

Poppy Q
Um, are you back yet?!?!?!?
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