Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Purrizzin

Yoo mite be wondering where the nice hedge that has lots of mousies living in it has gone. Well dad got a big masheen and it ate it. Cuz there wuz nuffin there after the masheen eatid it, dad had to build a fence to keep us in. It's like a purrizzin. What's this ladder doing here?

I better go up and haf a look and see what's out the uvver side

Hmmphhh nuffin diffrunt than yooshull, mite as well go back down.

Well if yoo had a look, I'm going to haf a look too.

Can't see ennyfing at all.

That's better, now I can see.Dad sed he built this big fence so we can stay in the garden all day if we want, and mum won't haf to keep watching us all the time. It's ok cuz she's still going to take us furr walks around the feelds too.

Did yoo see that skeery pikchur yesterday? There is a ghost living in our fence. Mum sez it is watching us to make sure we are good boys. Yoo bet we are going to be good!!

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Wow, you can climb a ladder? That is a good skill. I am not sure if I can climb a ladder because I never tried it before.

I think it is very wonderful that you have a fence so you can go outside and stay SAFE!
wow that is a huge fence! you two are furry brafe to climb up that high too! wow, and cute too!

smiles, auntie bee
That is so wonderful that he would build that for you! I'm glad you still get to go on walks too but its probably safer to have an enclosed area. Plus, you can scare the horses by popping your head over the fence hehe.

That's a really high fence. I think your family want you guys to stay close to home!
that's so nice that you gotted a fence so that you can stay outside un-snoopervised!
Yes that was a scary fence. I thought maybe it had eaten you and that was you looking out!

You are brave to be up on that ladder! It looks like a very tall fence!
That is a HIGH fence, and a TALL ladder, too! We are all impressed at your climbing skills -- up and down!

And what a ghost! :::shiver:::

Purrs from Grace & Company
That wasn't very nice of your Dad to take down the hedge and build a prison. Poor Eric and Flynn :(

I'm glad your Mom will still take you for walks in the fields. Make sure she does it every day! Can't have your hunting skills getting rusty.
My Lady has one of those things in our back bedroom. I did not know it was a ladder. I think that I am going to go and climb it now like you did on yours. It looks like a lot of fun.
whoa - guess ya gotta build really really TALL fences ta keep manly mancats like you two in. and with that evil face watching, we wouldn't even try the ladder.
pee ess: maybe your dad could come over here and build a fence in our living room? the walls of the kitten corral aren't high enough and Rascal is gonna be able to jump out any day now. I'm not a big fan of kittens running loose in my house.
i think your mum is lying to you about the ghost. run! be free!!

gerald the majestic goat
Wow, that fence is a bit scary but I suppose your humans had good intentions. Do not climb up the ladder and jump over the fence, it looks like a long way down to the other side. I admire your ladder climbing skills!
What a good Mum and Dad to build you a nice fence to keep you safe! I can't believe you both can climb a ladder, I don't think I have even seen a ladder, just a step stool.
Wowww, you have excellent skill~! I never do and I think I will never chance to climb that~!
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