Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh no!! Not Again.

Today wuz a strange day. Furrst of all mum went and shut herself in the bedroom and wouldn't let us in.Then dad took us furr a walk. Dad duz sumtimes take us out, but it is yooshully mum. Then mum came out of the bedroom and got lunch. She shut the bedroom door so we still couldn't git in there.After lunch she went back in there. We didn't know what wuz going on.
A bit later she came out in the garden and sed "Right boys, who's going walkies?"So we all went off furr a walk around the feelds wiv her. When we came back indoors we saw IT!!!! There up on the werk top wuz the dredded sootcases. What's going on? we wanted to know. She sed her and dad wuz going on their holly days AGAIN!!!! she sed she wuz sorry but we had to be purrizziners furr a bit more than three weeks. THREE WEEKS!! Can yoo beeleev it? How can they do it to us? She sed we might be aybull to do a post tomorrow if she's got time to help us, if not we won't be here until Nov 5th. We will try and visit our furrends and comment sumtimes if we can git the compooter turned on. We are going to miss yoo all. If anycat wants to teleport ofurr to see us we'll be glad of cumpunny. Now we are going to snuggle togevver on our empty vishus deer furrs. If they fink we are going to sleep in the bed wiv them tonite they can wissel.

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oh mi dog! yer gointa be gone until novemeber? duhr.
i'll miss u ... but i hope yer mom an dad hav sum fun ... warever it iz dey ar goin to.
Oh this is really bad! If I can't visit your blog, then I am gonna have to come and visit you at your house. I'll stop by sometime next week. K?
WHAT!!! Leaving you poor little kitties by yourselves for so long. Don't they know they need to stay with their loving kitties?
That is horrible news, but we plan to teleport over. Our Mom is going away - AGAIN - for a week later this month.

We finally completed the desktop meme. Come see.

i will miss you boff so much and i will be gone until november 11th... sigh...

hugs, auntie bee

Boys I am going to miss you lots and lots.

Tell your beans to have a fun holiday and I hope they bring you back lots of presents.

See you in November.
Poppy Q
THREE WEEKS!!! Why that's just insane you guys.

Do you need a prison break? I'll work through my political contacts and see if we can't get you asylum and you can stay with us in the states.
Of course I teleport over! But that means that you will miss the Halloween contest???? Can you enter before you get imprisoned???
And congratulations to your nomss friend, I am very happy for you and will add it to the list (I do keep one here at home of all the nomss friendships....)
Does your nomss friend Gerald have a blog? What's the address?
3 weeks...

That's too long~!!!!!!
Oah my god~!!!!!!!!!!!
I will miss you miss you miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH NOES! Three weeks is a loooong time. My Mommie is only gone for a week and it seems like an eternity. I am going to miss you two a lot!
Oh no!!! 3 wks?! That's like a lot of sleeps!

Our mommy and daddy have been going away way too often, like your daddy and mommy. What's goin' on??

Anyways, we can teleport over all this weekend if you like, our mommy and daddy are away yet again this weekend. And of course, we can teleport over anytime after that!

~Donny, Marie and Casey
This is awful! Who will care for you? We can come and visit if you want!!
Three weeks?!? That's a long time. I hope your beans have a good holiday and bring back nice presents for you two. You both deserve nice presents if you're going to be prisoners for three weeks. That's like an eternity!
but who's gonna open cans for you? and who's gonna open the nip for you? and who's gonna pass out the Temptations? this is HORRIBLE! maybe we could send the Blonde Girl over to house/catsit for you. she's really good at overfeeding kitties!
(I'll be over to snuggle)
Oh no, I am sorry to hear they are leaving you again! That is a long time. Do you want to teleport up here? We have lots of stinky goodness (the healthy low-sugar sort) and some tuna and my mum is on half-term the week after next so she will be available to give you lots of scritches. Feel free to drop by!
heads up boys, Im on my way over - let's destroy the house before the humans return!
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