Thursday, October 04, 2007


Cats on a very hot tin roof

Maggy and Zoey furrom Zoolatry did this grate pikchur furr us. They saw in our profile that our faverit film wuz Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, so they put us on a furry hot roof in Stratford on Avon where William Shakespeare used to live. We reely like the pikchur. Fanks Maggy and Zoey and of course,your mum too.

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Wow. Those are the most beautiful full frontal pictures of you that we've seen. The colors really set off yur handsome faces. Whooeee.
That is one of the best ones I have seen from them! It really is very cool.
Wowww, this is just feeling very hot~!!!! Great picture~!
We loved that one over there and we love it over on your blog!
OOOh, amazing picture - so cool!!!
Dear Eric and Flynn, I've tagged you for the Desktop Meme:)

That is a terrific picture. Maggy and Zoey are so clever. xxx
Call the fire dept.!!!

Luf, Us
You're HOT!
That is a great graphic that Zoolatry cats did of the two of you! :)
Very nice! Perfect theme for them and I love the colors :-)
We were gonna say what Beau Beau and Angie said!
We saw this on Zoolatry's blog and LOVED it. The colors, the theme, and especially such clear full facials of you two!
What a special gift, huh?
THAT is a very very cool picture!
You two are so cool!, I mean HOT

Purrrs and purrrs
That is a very nice picture - isn't Zoolatry AMAZING!
You write very well.
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