Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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The two of you look cute on either side of that hedge. :)
LOL. thats sweet. Is one stalking the other ?
Haha, Aren't you two handsome fellows. Happy and purry WW!
Come on ! Never heard : the cleverer give in ??
Are they playing hide-and-seek? Hehehe
Hedge bookends!
Happy WW!

How long did he wait?
I always said orange cats were the smartest. At one point we had four orange and whites. I was going to post a photo of them, but can't seem to get it scanned.

Love the cat photos! I'll be back!

Has somecat talked yet???
Dis looks like a don't cross that hedge situation...
What are you two fighting about???

Having a bit of a tif, are we?
kiss and make up!

smiles, auntie bee
Who is the hider and who is it?
Well, if good fences make good neighbors, maybe good hedges make good brothers!
We know what happened, one layed down to take a nap on one side and the other din't see him...happens wif us alla time.
If you can't see one another, then all is well and calm. Great picture.

Moe & Mindy
Is that hedge like the "line in the sand"?
Who crossed first?
It that called a kitty standoff?
You guys are furry good at keepin' look out! I'm sure everything is safe and shipshape.
who gave in furrst? we gotta know!
It looks like a good game of kitty hide-and-seek to me. I see fall has come to your farm.
We thinks we knows this game - Is it "Wait and See". That's a fun game - we plays it sometimes too.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
heee we likes games like that too. but i ushually end up squeeling ferst - Miles
The good, the bad and the fluffy...
You two are so funny! Okay we want to know, who gave in first or are you still sitting outside waiting for the other one to give in? (hehe)
Your FL furiends,
That looks like a furry fun game!

That is so good!!
Heh heh... You guys are so funny!

Yup, so many people here in the US don't get prosecuted either. There are too many technicalities that smart lawyers can work to their client's advantage. It sux. At least cruelty and animal/human abuse don't seem to be as prevalent in Europe. You guys still accept responsibility and don't try to blame everyone and their brother for something that your kids did. Here, it's everyone's fault except the parents. Hello??? Duh.

Luf, Maw
nice photo. did the cat catch anything ??? happy ww
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