Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Nice full monty.
Oah Flynn, I want to put my head into your tummy~~~~
Blogging is hard work, Flynn! Especially when you do it daily.
We think you are using this moment to do some isometric exercises to maintain your fine feline form.
Lookit your cute little right hind foot!
We have to go now. Mosaic Lady would like to slurp you up.
Toes in the air!
Cute photo Flynn! :) It looks like you have a comfortable spot there!
Hey Flynn dat shure am a great full Monty. Dat am also a good way to take a full rest after blogging. It usually gets yoo good scritches too.
Were you listening to anything while taking this photo? I think Flynn was dancing (= Haha
Tummy rubs!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Flynn, you look like a sweetie!
Oh that's a grate pikshur Flynn. You look so comfy!
Hahahaha! It's not easy to get comfy on a hard surface like that, but it looks like you've managed it!
Now that is relaxing in style!! Good job!

(Your package is in the mail! It should arrive in 5-10 business days)
Mom's coming to kiss yoor tummy...she also started singing "wave yoor paws in da air like yoo just don't care"! Beans are weerd.
Perfect blogging break! If you'd hang the keyboard from the ceiling you could just keep typing.....
I feed the pet from the things growing in the little garden where you see the fence to the left of his cage. Where he only stays when he misbehaves, or when the bobcat is around...
It looks like a tummy rub time!
flynn thanks for the laugh today!!! ha ha ha

smiles, bee
That is one fine tummy!!

~~Timothy, Napoleon and Sara
Hiya Flynn, that is a nice tum-tum. My mom wanted to tell your beans that in reference to the short bus that Sheezix was waiting for, it's a bus usually sent to children's homes who are in Special Education. So an autisic child, or a child in a wheel chair, a blind child, a child who is communicatively handicapped would get a short bus to come to their house. So that's what he was referring to.Since I don't think S is handicapped in any way, I don't know why he was waiting for the short bus to come to his house. Could just be wishful thinking. Other children that have to ride a bus short or long go to a bus stop and wait for the bus there. I imagine if it's a small community and not many bus riders then they'd send a small bus to the bus stop. Normally those buses are long. Does that clear it up for you?
That's real smart of you to rest your eyes, Flynn, and do some stretches when you're workin' on the computer.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Ohh Flynn you look soooo relaxed! Thanks for visiting, I did try to comment on an earlier post and I think my computer locked up and I had to restart it. And since I wasn't using firefox, I couldn't remember where I was! Have a great week!
Yoo look vary reelaxt -- and long and leen --- in that foto!!!!
Big tummy rubs!!!
Tummy rubs!!!!!
oooh - totally cute! that's the position I use for my famous Tummy Trap. the head tilt makes it even harder to resist a tummy rubbing. since Lucy's been here, though, I haven't injured anyone who's given my tummy a little pet. I've been saving all my aggression for her.
love & kisses
Oh Flynn, you are one cute kitty cat! Are you winking?
Awwwww....soooooooooo adorable!! Mommy says she wants to give you a scritchie on da tummy!

You look nice and comfy there!!
What a great pose - I wish I could do that!
Great way to take a break and think about what to write next!
Ahhhh - da full monty nap position. We know it well!
This picture is just too cool for words! FAZ
how sweet! I can hear the purrs here!
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