Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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Good job standing guard! I'm glad to hear that Flynn is being nice to you again, Eric. :)
What a pretty kitty!
Happy WW!
Come, pretty. Look here!
Another beautiful day in Devon I see. FAZ
What a handsome profile! That view is so lovely. Come ofur to meet owr friend Nola who just moved into her beans howse in London.
What a beautiful view you have! And such a gorgeous photo of you, even though I can't tell if its Eric or Flynn!

I hope the intruder has turned back into Eric, and everyone is back to getting along!

wow look at all your territory you lucky thing!! Great job keeping guard, your humans need you! xx
My, what a perfect picture. It looks like a postcard!
You are great gate guard. Keep up the good work!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
PS What a beautiful picture! J's mom
Wow, you have a lot of ground to guard. It sure is beautiful there and you are looking quite handsome in the sunshine!

Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Dat looks like a good spot fur watching. Are things back to normal? Did yoo sniff butts?
did you two make up yet?

smiles, auntie bee
I can see beautiful green rolling hills! We have no hills in Florida. It looks pretty where you live.
What a gorgeous photo!
So regal and proud.
The countryside around you...sigh.
UK is at the very top of Mosaic Lady's "to visit before I die" list.
You must love your life there.
You look very handsome in that picture.
great pikshur!!!
Hiya Flynn! Are you being a good boy and recognizing your brother? That is a beautiful picture.
What is it that you see?
Very pretty picture! Such a wonderful view! Did you guys make up yet?
Your FL furiends,
How did you find my Charlie to photograph him? Maybe you catnapped him? PLEASE? He's always outside, i can give you the address. You already know what he looks like! LOL
That's a beautimus pitchur!! So green & purrty.

Luf, Us
A handsome cat sitting and looking at a beautiful scene. So pretty.

You guys! I nominated you for a nice award!
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