Thursday, September 13, 2007


Stargazer Lilies

Do yoo remember back in April, I wuz trying to hatch mum's bulbs furr her.
Well it werked. These are her Stargazer Lilies. She sed "Fanks Eric, yoo did a good job making the flowers grow."
They wuz in flower last munf, but all the petals haf fallen off now. I will haf to remember to sit on them, I mean hatch them out again next year.

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Wow, what a good job!! They were very pretty and I'm sure you can hatch them again next year.

What an excellent job you did there! Those are lovely!
Oh, we have lots of lilies in our yard 'cause our Dad likes them. Yours look very nice.

Don't you have to take extra baths when you lay in the dirt like that? I mean, your white always looks so clean and stuff. Your tongue must get tired with all that washing. I have lots of white too, but I never lay outside so I don't get too dirty.

Wow! Those flowers are so byootiful. You must have been furry caring and diligent with your hatching!
excellent work! they're beautiful! hey, didja fertilize & water them yourself too? are ya gonna hatch some nip next?

Can you come ofurs and do that furrs our Momma?

(I have as many Temptations as you want)
Wow Eric, you really did a good job hatching those flowers. They are very, very pretty.

Maybe you could hatch some flowers for my Mum, she is botanically challenged!
I am so impressed! What an awesome talent! You can probably hire yourself out with that skill!
I feel really bad - I think you guys tagged me before Anastasia disappeared and then I forgot all about it and now I can't remember - but I do not want to be impolite and not respond....
Eric, wow what a talent you have there. My mom also would pay you tons of Temptations if you could do that for her. On her own she forgets to water the plants and the plants over here in USA insist on being watered. Hatching just doesn't work, we don't think. Well if you're ever in the United States and are looking for a job...just let us know.
Those are really pretty flowers. My Lady is looking to plant some new flowers over at Senor's house and she really likes these.
wow eric, i nefer heared of hatching flowers before but ewe did a grate job honey!

smiles, auntie bee
Lovely flowers. Mum's stargazer lily didn't hatch this year. Mum thinks it died.
I tag you!
Come to my blog to read all about it.
Let us know if yur Mum comes up missing. Our Momma planted sum Mum's in the front garden....we's not sure where she gotted them frum? Momma finks that yur lillies are purrty! She's nefur seen any that big before.
~Meeko & Kiara
That is an excellent job~!!!!
These are lovely ~ well done :)
Eric, you have a green thumb... I mean a green tummy... I mean, good job hatching the bulbs!
Eric you did a wonderful job hatching the lillies. Do you think you could see fit to hatch me some catnip? Many thanks xx
If Eric would like to see his long lost cousin and nose twin, Sunny finally has a site up at Sunny has many pics of himself up today.
Holy Toledo Eric! Doze is SO gorgeous! Wat a grate job u dun!!! Doze is Maw's mostest favoritist flowers cuz ov da smell!

Hey, u guys kin come on ofur now an hep us re-fur da joint. All dem crazy laydies ist gone now.

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. We shur hope dat u dunt get no FORLs!! Dey ist PAINFUL!!!
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