Thursday, September 27, 2007


Postcard furrom Adan.

Last week an envelope all the way furrom Taiwan came wiv our name on it. We sed hurry up and open it mum, we want to know what's in there. We got this lovely pikchur of our furrend Adan in it. I am doing my mancat pose wiv Adan resting against me.
I'm tired now, I need a nap. Adan yoo can nap wiv me. Yoo can see the pretty bookmark that Adan and Michico sent as well.
Hello Adan, Eric has been keeping your postcard to himself but now it's my turn. It's furry nice to meet yoo.
Look efurrycat, this is me and my furrend Adan.
Oh look I just saw the bookmark. Mum will like that one. Fanks Adan and Michico, the postcard and bookmark are great.

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Aren't Adan and Michico superduper furriends? And you and Adan look so cute nappin' togethur! hehe

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Those are adorable pictures of you checking out your gift from Adan! He and Michico are great friends to everykitty. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!
Those are great photos of you with Adan!
We chose the same exact picture of Adan!!! Didn't it smell really interesting? It was so nice of him to send them out to all of us.

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You look very good with your postcard!
These Adan pictures are way cool!
Oah, Dear Eric and Flynn,

Thank you, THANK YOU~!!!
You are so so sweet~!!! This post is so so cute and great meaning to me~!!! Each of you are taking photos with the cards~!!!

Both of you are so big and strong one, I think your daddy and mommy holding you must feel lots of happy and joy pour into your body~!! So you are both growing so so well~!!!

I am so so happy to make friends with you 2, that is my very happy things~!! Thanks for doing this special post for me, thank you again~!!!!

Kiss, Love,
Eric and Flynn

I see you both made furry fast friends with Adan. Isn't he a furry handsome tuxie????

You look great posing with the postcard from Adan. :) Adan is a good friend!
Oh that's wonderful that you received a postcard and bookmark all the way from Taiwan! How cool is that?

Luf, Us
yowl! youse haf furrends all ofer the world!!! lucky kitties...

smiles, auntie bee
Very nice pictures. Makes me want to curl up and take a nap, too.
You look very cute sleeping with Adan! He is a good friend.
Adan and Michico are great furriends, aren't they?

Adan and Michico are such nice friends!
Wonderful photo of Adan - he sure is a furry good friend of every cat in the blogosphere :)
oh how lovely! It is so exciting to get international parcels!!

Concatulations xxx
Those are nice pics of you and Adan. It's nice to hace special friends.
Nice pictures of how you show off your beautiful postcard and bookmark!
Adan and Michico are such super great wonderful friends!!!
Yoo guys look nice wif yoor postcard and yoor mom's bookmark...Adan and Michico are really nice.
Both of you look very handsome posing with Adan's postcard and bookmark. Adan and Michico are such good friends to everyone.
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