Thursday, September 20, 2007


Our meme

We haf been tagged by Henry Helton and Caesar and Princess furr a meme about our selves. We hope fings don't come out too jumbled cuz blogger is putting fings all ofurr the place.
Here's the rools:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Write some facts about yourself, some random, some weird, some just plain fun.
3. Tag 7 kitties at the end of this post and link to them.
4. Let those 7 kitties know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.The challenge is to keep it interesting without making other kitties think "too much information". You know what I mean. Anyway, here are my thirteen things.
We haf done it between us so here goes. Oh and we know yoo will haf seen some of the pichurs befurr, but we thought they went best wiv the facts about us.

ERIC I just love sleeping on the compooter when mum tries to yoose it. I like hitting the keys cuz sometimes they make funny beeping noises. I don't fink mum likes it when they do that.

Flynn: I find sleeping on my back is the best way to sleep

Flynn: Mum sez I'm a tummy slut. I can nefurr haf too many tummy rubs.

We bofe like drinking out of the baff tap. Sometimes we drink furrom the hand basin, but the baff is deffernuttly the best. Drinking outdoors furrom the stream is efun better, but we can't always do that.

We bofe love Temtayshuns.
Eric: I like dry food the best, We haf Pro Plan Light furr brekfust.
Flynn: I like Stinky Goodness the best which we haf furr supper. We yooshully haf Gourmet or Sheba.

Eric: When I use the litterbox, mum sez she finks I am digging furr Australia. If I can find a big pit that's efun better.
Flynn: When I need the litterbox I leap in, haf a kwik scrape, squat and leap out again, then I run off at 100 miles an hour.

Flynn: All right I admit it, I'm a nip head. I can't help it, I just am. When mum wuz refilling my carrot she left the nip on the floor, and i wuz in it befurr she could blink.

When the Beans brought back the empty vishus deer we wuz a bit skeered of it cuz we thought it might eat us. We love it now cuz it's reely warm and snuggly. We haf a chew on it now and again and stick our claws in it so it duzn't git any ideers about attacking us.

Eric: I love water, I always have. I will paddle in puddles or in the stream. Sometimes I sit on the horse drinking trough and let my tail float in the water. I like to git in the baff wiv the Beans too.
Sometimes when it has been raining, I sit right down in a puddle and get my trousers wet. Flynn likes water too but not as much as me. When we were little and we had our Hooha hectomies, the nurse brought us out to our Beans and told them I wuz acting strange cuz I wuz sitting in my water bowl.Mum sez,No that's ok that's normal furr Eric.

I wait furr the Beans to go to bed, then I like to sit on their heads. They don't like it much so I haf to sleep on the pillow.

Flynn: Mum sez I must haf OCD but I don't know what that means.
I like to keep my tummy clean. I wash it a squillion times a day. I'm sure that as soon as I clean it anuvver bit of dirt gits there so I haf to clean it again. I haf washed some of my furrs right away and now I haf got a pink patch.

Well that's it. We're sposed to tag 7 kitties but we don't know who hasn't been tagged, so if yoo want to do it, consider yerself tagged.

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Yay!!! We got to read this first because mommie was taking a break from the yard werk and she saw our sad fuzzy faces and let us visit you.

We really enjoyed this one, and the pictures were fantastic, that makes it really fun to see pictures. You two are so wonderful. we really like you a lot!

Happy day!!!
I bet using a pit as a litter box is great! The cats at the barn go in the riding ring and then run off like their tails are on fire.

you two are really inneresting an fun! but sitting in water with your tail floating? we're gonna pass on that one.
Flynn, we are related! "When I need the litterbox I leap in, haf a kwik scrape, squat and leap out again, then I run off at 100 miles an hour." Mosaic Lady can even tell if I've done a number one or number two by how fast I tear back into the living area from the cat door into the litter room! (I run twice as fast after a poo. Do you? It's so INVIGORATING.)

Mosaic Lady is very OCD, too, and Walter used to LOVE water. It seems as if our Intruder, Annie, is taking after Walter in that way. He used to get in the hot tub with ML, in the bath, and LOVED to drink out of the bath tub spout. Very annoying, that Click Click Click sound in the night.

You guys are cool. You're as weird as us!
Wow! Cool stuff Eric and Flynn and neat pictures! I love water, too Eric. When it rains I always get soaked. It's my favorite time! (Samantha) Tigger licks his belly like you Flynn and makes a pink spot.
Mom loves to give tummy rubs, both me and Tigger love them. Thanks for sharing!
Your FL furiends,
Well those answers had Mom laughing!Flynn is like Georgia.She likes to be first in the covered litter box and play in it.Then,she flys out at 100mph !
youse guys always makes me so happy to see youse!!! just the cutest little thangs...

smiles, auntie bee
I am not a tummy slut. Not at all. I really hate to have my tummy touched. It makes me really mad.
It's very important to keep tummies clean. I think you have a fine fine tummy and my human wants to rub it!
Oah, I am so impressed~!! These are great list ever~!!!! Discribe so well and easy to read each detail of you~!!!
You guys are so great and so charming~!!!
Yup Eric, you are right, we are just alike when it comes time to go to bed! Right on Daddies head! And me and Flynn are tummy sluts!!!
This was very inchresing. You get in the tub wid yur beans???? Datz jus wrong. Obi drags his tail through da water in da sinks too.
Reno has licked a pink spot onto his tummy too. And yur hole to Australia luks like a lotta fun! Wat a fine litterpit!

Luf, Us

Pee Ess. Did u git owr latest emails?
Very interesting! I especially like the hole to Australia, that is funny!
Those are some great photos! But I have a question: (whispers) Were you going potty in that big dirt hole?? That looks kind of fun. I don't dig in my litterbox much, but after I go number 2, I am so excited and proud of myself that I race all around the house, too!
That hole to Australia looks awesome. Eric, it's neat that you like water so much. I think Momma would like it if we got in the bath with her. She invites us all the time - but it's because she says we're stinky. :)

Lookit that Full Monty pose! :D
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