Monday, September 24, 2007


Mousing Mancat Monday

Mum took these pikchurs befurr the grass wuz cut furr hay, now it's all short and the mousies haf gone in the hedges. It's ok though cuz I can still git them out furrom there.I could hear a mousie going rustle rustle in the grass and I am lissening furry keerfully.
Hehe gotcha! Eric is watching cuz he knows I allus give him my mousies to eat.
Well this time I'm not. I'm feeling a bit hungry so I'll haf a chew furrst. It's ok Eric, I'll only eat haf, yoo can haf the uvver haf.

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Flynn, I am very impressed with your mousing ability! You are a great hunter! :) I've never seen a real mouse so I have no idea if I would be able to catch one.
Flynn youze is such a good mouseketeer. It is nice to share thems with your brofer.

I get to eat mine by myself. Of course first I play mouse olympics with mine. They awfully good at triple flips them dead mousies are.
what a nice boy to share wif your brudder!

smiles, auntie bee
You remind me of the artist Kliban who has a poster of 2 cats that says "if I had 2 dead mice I'd give you one!"
You are a good brother Flynn!
Flynn your a great hunter it's very nice that you share :)
Maybe I should take some hunting lessons from you, Flynn. So ya eat 'em, huh? I haven't worked up the nerve to do that.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Thank yoo fur telling us how yoo find dem. Zippy woodent tell us how to go about locating a mousie. Course, we neffur go outside like her so we don't hunt dem. We do hunt bugs inna dunjun. Dey make grate snacks!
You are amazing mousers guys!
Good job getting mousies. Those are good to eat.
Flynn the Mighty Hunter!
Flynn, I think you are the best hunter I know. What do mousies taste like? I am not sure if I would like to eat one or not.
I think you are very civil to share half with your brother. I am not sure I would do the same. xx
I don't know about sharing mousies. Maybe if I had a brother, I would share. Maybe.
Flynn, you are such a good mouse hunter! I am good at swatting about my fuzzy mice, but I have never seen a real mousey, I bet they are harder to catch than my fuzzie mice!
EXCELLENT hunting skills, there! Someone should get you guys some pith helmets, yes?

My precious Indy (1991-2006) was an excellent hunter, too, but we don't know if Grace or any of her crew would be -- around here, they're much safer being indoors kitties!
Never tried mouse. Oh well.
Wow, Flynn, you are a mighty hunter!!
Very stealthy and so light on your paws. We are glad you shared part of the mousie with Eric!
Your FL furiends,
You are an awesome mousie hunter. And it's very good that you share with Eric. Very mancatly.

My mom thanks you Flynn for not showing her your half eaten mousie. That was kind of you to share with Eric. Do mousies taste like stinky goodness? I wonder wich is better?
You are a great hunter Flynn. You got good ears to hear them rustle in the grass.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
Mighty Hunting Mancats!
Get the mousie. Get em.
Wowie, you are a mighty huntur! I caughted a mousie that gotted into the house a while back, but Daddy tooked him away before I could eat him, DAGNABBIT!

I'm glad you fellers got to eat yur mousie!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Which haf do u git an which haf u gif to Eric?

Luf, Us
Oh wow, yoo ate half a mowsie. Owr mowsies kinda taste like cardbored so we don't eat them. The Yoo-Kay must have tastie mowsies!

Pee-Ess- Thares no othur mancat fur me othur than yoo my ranebow sorbay Eric! -Rosie
Oh, I wish we had real mousies here to hunt, although I'm not sure I'd be as generous with Kavan.
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