Sunday, September 30, 2007


More pikchurs furrom picnik

Don't yoo fink the green furrame shows of my ginger cullers to purrfekshun?
Mum sed we look like a painting so she gave us a furrame.
I don't know why mum wants to play round wiv our pikchurs cuz we fink we look ok as we are.At least she gave me back my yooshul ears and didn't do much to me in this pikchur.
Mum likes the effect in this one. She sez I'm looking a bit crabbity. How dare she!!
Yikes! We haf changed into House Panthers.

It's ok, she has changed us back to Gorjuss Gingers.

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I have to say the first two are my favorites but the others look like fun. Your human is really taking off on this photoshop thing, isn't she?
Those are really neat pictures. They look like they were drawn with crayons. I like them!
you two is furry bootiful mancats just as you are!!!

snuggles, auntie bee
Interesting, but I think you look better as your natural ginger selves.
Oh boys you just beautiful no matter what kind of picture you are in.

The frootbat one just kills me though - every time I looks at it!
whoa - those're cool! and you guys make very handsome House Panthers. you could do a Midnight Monday post.

come see my post today with my Kitty Yum Bum pose.
Hehehehehe, those effect is so cute~!!! I love all of them.

Certainly the natual one is the most beautiful, but some effect time to time could make some fun~!!!

You both very handsome~!!
I think you both look great just as you are, but it's fun to see the different photo effects, and humans do like playing around!
I agree, I like you as you are.

But the photos are pretty neat...

I love your frootbat picture! Today was a purrrrfect day to spend snoozing in the frying pan sick bay. A nice soft autumn rain fell all day long while I dreamed of all my sweet kitty friends like you who came to help watch over me. It is not how long you live your life that is most important, but the quality of your days is what really matters.
We like your regular Gorjuss Gingers pictures the bestest. We're not into sy-ki-del-ik pictors.

Luf, Us
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Those are such beautiful renderings. I especially like the ones of Eric and Flynn together in the window, and Eric in front of the computer. All of them, when opened larger, look like real paintings! I've really enjoyed these :-) Great work!
Those are very artistic. For a second I was wondering who the two handsome black cats were!
Those are pretty cool, Mommy is going to go have a look!
We love you all just the way you are - gorgeous, handsome mancats!!!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh I like you boyz as the Gorjuss Gingers best myself.

You iz a couple of furry hand-sum boy catz. I tink my sisterz would like you furry much. No wonder your momee iz takin all dose portraitz. She lovez you boyz!
You guys look cute no matter how your Mum changes your pictures! The one where you are all black is very funny : )
Very cool photos :)
We are going to go there RIGHT NOW to turn evil mean hyper Mini House Panther Annie into a sweet, mild, lovable, adorable Gorgeous Ginger!
You guys have saved our lives.
Yuppers there is alots of cool stuff theys can do with pikchurs now adays!

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