Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Meme - How we got our names.

We wuz tagged by our furrend Beezer about how we got our names.
When the Beans went to the farm to choose us, there were three of us ginger and white babies and a calico girl. Dad went furr me (Eric) rite away cuz I wuz the biggest fattest baby. Mum had a harder job choosing cuz Flynn and the uvver ginger and white wuz identical. She chose Flynn in the end cuz he snuggled into her neck and purred and purred.
When they got home dad asked mum if she had any ideers what to call us, and jokingly she sed Eric and Derek. Dad sed that's grate names! but mum sed that we would git confused cuz the names wuz too similar. Dad sed that he wuz going to call me Eric anyway cuz he thought it sooted me. He sed I wuz a big baby so I would haf to be Big Eric. My furrends often call me Big E cuz I am 21 lbs of mancat. Sometimes when we are walking in the feelds wiv mum, she sez come on Eezy Beezy or Eezer Beezer, so I hope she duzn't confuse me wiv our furrend Beezer.
Mum had to fink of a name furr my brofurr then, and she wuz looking up the meaning of names in a book. She looked up the name Flynn, and in Ireland it means flame haired. Well she thought ginger is near enuff to being flame haired, so that's how he got his name.
We tag Benjamin Fuzz.

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Datz a wondermous storee. We lufs how Flynn gotted hiz name. Datz furry inchresting.

Eric, u ist biggur dan any of da poodins in dis howse, an we gotz sum big poodins. How many stones is 21 lbs?

Luf, Us
Dat is a great story!
Eric. I don't think your Mum would ever confuse us. I meow in a 'Merky accent!
Awwww this made us really happy. You two were so cute as kittens too... look at those cute frisky eyes and those noses... awwwwww
That is a really nice story! I would love to meet you two, I'm only 8.5 lbs!

That's a lovely story... of course I was so distracted by how cute you were as babes!!! Kits!!! I love kittens!!!
It is wunderful to learn about how you gotted your names! Thanks for sharing.

(I bet you know how I got mine name, being a calico girl, and all.)
Awwwww you guys look sooooooooooooo adorable as kittens! We liked your meme. :)

~Marie and Donny
Such a great story! My sisters were born in a barn too! Your baby pictures made Mommy squeal!
Eric and Flynn are great names. It just seems like there could be no ofur names for yoo. Dat's just da way it is. Perfect.
Hey, this is a very good story of you 2's name~! I love it~!
oh i luf to here stories about kitties and stuff. youse guys are sooooo cute! (manly cute mind you!)

smiles, auntie bee
Very cool story behind your names! :) You two were adorable baby kittens! So sweet. :)
Aw, you guys are so cute in the picture!
That is a great story about your names. I do not think I have ever seen that picture before, you were the most adorable little kittens!
Eric and Flynn were so adorable as kittens. It's no wonder you and your husband chose them. Love the old photo of Eric and Flynn so tiny :-)
Thank you for sharing the story of how you two got your names!
Mum is trying to pet you both through the computer again... she's making funny noises again, too! Like purring...
P.S. Dad wants to know how Kitty Yum Bum got her name. He thinks that would be interesting, too.
Oh my goodness - you two we so cute!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, look at how cute you were as itty bitty kittens!

I like both your names alot, it suits you guys so well!
You two were very cute kittens. Your name suit you both!
That's a neat story about how you got your names. And look what little baby mancats you were! Awwwww!

great story & totally adorable picture!!!
Dudes! Owr commints started werkin agin all by demselfs in HTML. Maw jus NEW it wuddn't nuttin she did or didn't du. Stoopid blogger.

Luf, Us
Your names are just right for you both. You are a big dude, Eric. How big are you, Flynn? You look like you could play some rugby, too.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
OH MY GOODNESS! My momma wants to reach into the computer and steal those two baby kittens. Ha, ha momma, those aren't babies any more. Those are my friends Eric and Flynn.

My momma's stepmomma's (who did most of the hard job of raising her) maiden name is Flynn. My stepgrandmomma had 11 brothers and sisters. So my momma has tons of Irish Flynn cousins all over California. So when momma reads your blog she feels like she's with family.

I can see Eric's ginger nose furs were there as a baby. And Flynn my mom says your round eyes make you one Cutie Patootie (she calls us that all the time). Oh Gosh, now she's putting kisses all over the screen. Duck, NO, RUN!
MOM, stop droolin over my friends, it's not polite!
"Ok guys, I'm sorry. It's just very hard to not kiss your sweet pics as babies and adults. I bet the beans and women cats want to do the same when they see you. You two are just very sweet and charming. But I do have work to do, so I'll leave Tyler to finish his visit. Bye Eric and Flynn."

Actually I better go take a nap myself. I've been awake for over an hour now. This is quite a lot of blogging for one day.

Thanks for your name story.
This is such fun hearing where everycats name came from!!! You were adorable kittens!

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Oh my goodness, you were adorable kitten cats!!! That's our Mom! That's pretty neat how you got your names! We love this meme!
Your FL furiends,
we did not know that is what Flynn meant ~The Fluffy TRibe
Great story, thanks for sharing!
And your kitty pictures are ADORABLE!
Captain Jack Flint a.k.a. Karl
We think you guys have great names. It's important for Mancats to have manly names!
You two were such cute little babies! I didn't realize you were the same age. I kept thinking Eric was older.
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