Monday, September 17, 2007


Mancat Monday

Today we are having dubble Mancat Monday. We haf heard that the vishus deer haf been spotted around here again, so we are bofe being big brave mancats and keeping a lookout.

Don't furrget, today is the last day yoo can enter our 200th. Post compytishun. Leave yer guesses here.

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You are both very brave! You also look comfortable as you are keeping watch.
Vishus deer do not stand a chance with you two on guard. FAZ
Nice teamwork guys! You'll catch that deer by surprise.
Come see! We tagged you two mancats for a meme!

Purrrs, Princess

ps: you look so handsome and brave out tehre on that big mountain!
Ooooooo, Audace is jealous that you get to go outdoors and look for anything, even vishus deer! You look very watchful and brave. Keep up the excellent work!!

Grace & Company
You are both very brave mancats!
great jobbie keeping an eye out. no vishus deer will sneak by you two. they probably won't even try!
"Wow" you two are very brave indeed.
That is very brave and manly of you to watch out for the vishus deer!
Make sure you stick together!! Don't let those vishus creatures separate you.

you are furry brave. yesterday i saw a vishus deer and i was a little scairt of it. i shud haf had you too!!

smiles, auntie bee
ooooo be careful! vishus deer are sneaky!
we all feel safer with you strong manly guys watching out. purrrrrs!
Eric and Flynn, you are very, very brave. Lookout duty is manly!
You all are very manly and brave! Way to keep out the vishus deers!!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
You guys are super brave. Thanks for the double dose of mancat Monday.

Be very, very, very careful -they are a sneaky lot!
You guys look like fierce Mancats, I think the Vishus deer would be afraid of you!
Two super Mancats execute surveillance successfully in the face of great danger!!!!
Thank You,job well done!
I am not as brave as you two. I am an inside kitty and so I don't know the outside very well.
We shirley hope dat yur Mum is wid u. We dunt wunt u owt roamin dem feeldz alone now, ya heer?

Did u git Maw's email bowt stoopid blogger?

Luf, Us
Yews r so manly! I r huemillyated!
I am so happy both seeing you doing the mancat~! That is the best picture~!
Wow! this place looks very nice and beautiful.
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