Monday, September 03, 2007


Mancat Monday

Even Mancats haf to take it easy and haf some time off furrom their Mancat dyooties. Dad is telling me that he's reely sorry the V E T torchered me. I haf asked him if we can sell Flynn if he duzn't stop hating me. He duzn't seem furry enthyoozyastik about it, and I know mum will say no. Duz anycat want to buy him? He's a furry good hunter and catches lots of mice. He duzn't eat them, but allus gives them to me. Wait a minnit!!!! If Flynn goes, NO MORE MICE!!!
All right, furrgit what yoo read, I'll give Flynn anuvver chance, but he better start liking me soon.

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i tolded you honey he lufs you but you smell funny. make him smell your butt and he will be fine, ok?

smiles, auntie bee
My, oh my, you are a BIG man cat, Eric! I hope Flynn starts liking you again soon.

You certainly are a furry big and manly man cat!

I hope Flynn likes you again furry soon. I look forward to reading more stories about your adventures together!
Oah, A mancat like you must could forgive Flynn this little strange behave soon. Flynn just lost for a little time~!

Don't worry.

You are really big mancat~!!!! I am so proud of you.
Ah Eric, is that Flynn still acting up? You two are such a pair that it makes me feel sorry for you and that he still doesn't recognize you. At least your dad knows who you are. Please let us know as soon as Flynn comes to his senses. I'm hoping that it'll be any day now.
You look very comfortable on your dad's lap, Eric. I hope Flynn starts being nice to get again very soon!
Eric I will buy Flynn from you. Ohh ohh!! Mum says we cannot afford the postage to send him to New Zealand as he is too big to fit in an envelope.

Nice photo of you and your dad.
So the nap to lap ratio is off. No biggie.
Yeah, I don't think you should sell Flynn. You are a big tough guy, Eric!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Tell Flynn this: "Hey, Flynn! You better shape up or ship out! And I mean it." This should work.
You look way comfortable.
Awe, poor Eric...Speedy, who is a big mush head, din't like Sadie for almost 4 days after she hadded a toofie pulled. We were a little bit surprized and disturbed by dis cuz he loves Sadie AND he neffur hisses or swats a any cat! Flynn will get over it...soon we hope.
Eric, you are a very big mancat!

You should go back now and torture the vet!!!
oh poor eric. I am so sorry you are having such an awful time lately! I do hope you feel better soon and that you don't have to go back to the vet any time soon. I am also very sorry to hear that the vet says you need to lose a little weight. I don't think you need to lose any. I mean, look at you in that pic! The picture of grace and lithe elegance. Gorgeous! he he xx
Wowie, you're a handsum big mancat, Eric! Like a lion. And you look so comfy, cuddlin' with yur daddy.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Oh sweet Eric! What an awful few days you have had! I hope things get back to normal, Flynn loves you again and he cathces you some mousies!
I just read about your horrible terrible no good very bad days. That's awful. Flynn better start liking you again or I will beat him up. He's your bro, after all. You could always try ignoring him back. That's what Simone does to me.

whoa - you're a BIG mancat! Grr wants ta buy Flynn, but we gots enuf cats in this howse. mebbe we cood ship Lucy offur ta you.
Oh, dear Eric. Hope Flynn comes to his senses soon and stops acting like a goofball. you asked why Mindy would want to tease me....hummm, well could it be because I really am the handsome you think she could be jealous? hee, hee

PS I hope you won't have to go back to the vet for a long time.
Uh, Flynn, efeer yur dad needz a biggur lap, or yu mite need to shrink afore yu fall off. Ok?

Luf, Us
Duh. We ment Eric. Duh. Sorry dude.

Luf, Us
Dear Eric and Flynn,

Remember you pick the photo of mine for the 10 year celebration activity? Now your postcard is arrived, please come to see the right-top of my blog and email to michico of your sending address.
We are ready to send the postcard to you.

Eric, you are one big mancat! Don't worry these sibling squabbles don't last long!
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