Saturday, September 29, 2007


Frootbat Friday

Haha yoo didn't know I wuz a frootbat did yoo!! Mum hasn't got photoshop but she found a site called picnik where yoo can play round wiv yer pikchurs. Yoo can do some fings furr free or yoo can pay furr the advanced vershun. The advanced vershun has only just been released and it is free until Monday. We haf got some more pikchurs which we'll probly put up tomorrow.


I'm thinking more Easter Bunny than frootbat...
eeeeekkkkkkkk! why does my handsome Flynn look like the Easter Bunny? noooooooooooo!
ewe looks mostly like a bunny wabbit i fink! silly wabbit!

snuggles, auntie bee
Ha ha ha ha!
It's sounds lots of fun~!!
I can't wait for your new works~!!

And this photo of you is so funny, what a pink lovely tummy you have~!
Oh, that is *so funny! Yet ... you look *cute as a frootbat!
Very cool! You make a cute Frootbat. :)
Whoa! o_0
Looks like you have been having fome fun!
Hahahahahahaha! That is very silly!
Yer TOTALIE a frootbat, Flynn! Luk at yer ears! Plus, yer belly is totallie hanging owt. HAHAHA

Pee-Ess- We bowth luv to play herds of thundering ellyfants too. Weve nevur called it that but it's such a purrfect eggspresshun. HAHAHA

Pee-Pee-Ess- Hi my makadamian-nut fudge bar Eric. My jetpak is werking but I wanted to see if my lady wuld pay fur me to flie furst-class cause I've nevur seen BIGwigs befour and I'm told thats whare thay are! -Rosie
You are definitely a froot bat!

Hahaha! You look funny as a frootbat, Flynn. I can't wait to see the other pictures your mom does :-)
Yoo cood grow another eye in da middel of yoor hed and yood still be cute. Wate, yoo din't grow a third eye did yoo?
So cute.Thanks for the link :)
That is a really funny picture! My Lady loves that pink spot near your unmentionables. She said it is cute.
Oh gosh, maybe yoo shouldn't let yore Mommy do that stuff. hehehe Well, reely it's cute.
You look more like a rabbit to us. It's a good thing that our mom/secretary is tech challenged because we wouldn't want her doing such things to us. You're a good sport.

Sorry we haven't commented much lately. Blame it on our secretary.

Oh my dawg! Wat happint to yur eers? Did da vishus deer pull on dem an stretch dem owt?

Reno is drivin us nutzoid. He ist zippin rownd da howse skreemin dat he won he won he won. He kaint wate fur da prezzy to git heer. We will take lotz of pitchurs. He ist so iscited.

Luf, Us
What's up doc?

HaHaHaHaHa! Where's your basket and eggs??? HaHaHa!
What is wrong with human Mom's anyway! Don't they know we're handsome Mancats and they can't improve on perfection!

George & Max
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