Sunday, September 23, 2007


Easy like Sunday Morning

It's raining again so there's nuffin else furr it, we're just going to haf to sleep Sunday away on the bed together.
This is our 200th Post so when mum has been out and fed the horsies and got wet in the rain, she's going to wake us up ,and we'll look through all the guesses and see who our winner is. We'll put an update when we know, then we'll go back to sleep again.
We haf checked all the guesses now, and the winner is:
furrom 40 Paws. Concatyoolayshuns Reno. Send us yer mailing address and we'll post yoo yer purrize.

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You both look very cute curled up together like that. :)
you both look so sweet!
Concatulations to your 200th post
puuurrrs Kashim & Othello
That looks like a wonderful way to spend a rainy Sunday!
Concatulations on your 200th post. You need the rest.
You has horses?? Cool!

(And you only have one bed to share?)
Oh, you two look so cozy sleeping together. Have a nice lazy day. ConCatulations to Reno for winning your 100th post contest!
Your FL furiends,
I am so glad to see you 2 snuggle together, that is always the most beautiful picture~!
Hi Eric and Flynn! You guys look so darned cute all curled up together.

I really liked your recipe for a quick and easy meal... and that's exactly what those two did after all that bother.
You two look so comfy together.That's the best way to spend a rainy Sunday.
it is not rainin' heer but i still slept really long! ha ha ha

concatulatuns reno!!!!

smiles, auntie bee
Whoo hoo!!! Reno won a contest! Reno won a contest!!! He is SO FURRY ISCITED!!!!!! He neffur wins nuttin. Not even rasslin' matches wid his siblings cuz he ist so small. Oh, goodness! U boys madeded hiz day!

Luf, Us
You guys look great curled up in a great ginger and white swirl.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Perfect thing to do on a rainy Sunday! Concats on your 200th post, and to Reno!

Congratulations to Reno!!! YEAH.

It must have been such a lot of work to do that on a Sunday morning though...
Awwww look at you guys. You are so sweet. Congrats on your 200th post! Dat's a LOT of bloggin'! An we love efurry minute of dem.
That is a very good 200th post! Congratulations! You look very sweet, cuddling with each other - at these moments I REALLY miss Anastasia...
Have a wonderful Sunday, guys!
That's such a sweet picture of them sleeping together. Our cats never sleep together like that, but none of them are litter mates. I guess that's why.

Congratulations on your 200th post, Eric and Flynn!
Eric & Flynn-

We haz discovered your blog again. Momee iz losin' track of da kitty blogz 'cuz she iz not figgured out all da inz & outz yet. But I yam de-termined to keep her goin'...

Your frend,
Dr Tweety
Have room in that nap pile?
You guys are so sweet!
Hah ahaha! Good idea bout grounding Dad since he gotted lost too. He finally made his way home after walking thru many streets in da neighborhood. He's a good Daddy. Schmaybe we won't ground him after all.
Oh you two look soooo snugggly and on the orange blankie too.
*sigh* I think there IS room for me.
Purrrs-~ Princess
Hmmm...guess we missed all da fun - that's shut happens when we sleep in!
I remember that it was not so long ago that Flynn wouldn't even say hello to you Eric. It's good to see you all cuddly. Wow Eric you are a lot bigger than Flynn.
That's so cool that Reno won! You two look so comfy together ...
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