Saturday, September 15, 2007


Ear Scritches and 200th Post reminder

Don't furrgit to enter our 200th Post if yoo hafn't alreddy done so. Guesses close on midnight 17th September BST (East Coast 7pm, West Coast 4pm)

My dad gives grate ear scritches. Mmmmm heavenly

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Hey, I tagged you guys for the Thirteen Facts Meme. Come on over.
Flynn, you look sooo sooo happy getting those scritches!
Look at your back feets, they look very comfy!
that looks nice! you look so happy!
My Tall Man gives great ear scratches! Must be a dad thing.

We loves ear scritches too...but only on our terms.

Oh Flynn, it looks like you are smiling! I love ear scritches too.
Ear scritches are great! :) I can see you are really enjoying your dad's scritches, Flynn. :) My dad gives great scritches and head rubs too.
Awwwww Flynn, you do luk like yur in Poodin Heffen!!! We kin see u smilin!

Luf, Us
Those look like great ear scritches!
Ear scritches are the best!
your bud Pepi
You boys look cute together. You are right - sunday is a day for reading about the news.

Sorry about the rugby!!
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