Friday, September 28, 2007


Christmas Meme

Yep yoo saw it rite, a Chris Mouse meme in September. haha.
We wuz tagged by Kimo and Sabi, so here is what our Chris Mouse's are like.
1) What is your favourite Christmas gift?
Wrapping paper and paper bags, yoo can't beat it furr haffing fun. Well mebbe nip beats it, but we're talking Chris Mouse here. 2) What is your best memory of Christmas?
That's easy. It has to be the foods.(See #7)
3)Depending upon where you live, do you have a hot or cold Christmas?
It varies, sumtimes it can be kwite warm, around 60f, but uvver times it's about 28f. We don't like it that cold so we stay indoors most of the time and hog the fire. We don't git much snow here though.
4)Would you prefer to try the opposite weather at least just once?
Yes pleez!! We sed we don't like the cold in winter. We want to go to the Carry Beans wiv our Beans. Not fair that they leave us to shiver when they are lazing on the beach.
5) What do you prefer in a tree, fake or real?
We only efurr had a fake tree. It's grate furr climbing up. When yoo git half way, yoo can make it tip ofurr then yoo git lots of sparkly balls falling all ofurr the floor. That's the bestest fun.
6)What is your favourite carol?
Who's Carol?
7)What is your favourite Christmas dinner?
Our mum duzn't like terky furry much, but she cooks roast beef which is yummy. She cooks a big gammon ham too which we all haf cold. That's the furry bestest meat of all.
8)Do you wear a Santa hat at Christmas?
NO WAY!!! We don't wear clothes and speshully not hats.We'd put the bitey on them.
9)Have you seen Santa delivering gifts?
No. Once we're asleep nuffin wakes us up till we're reddy to play herds of thundering ellyfants.
Rite that's it so now we haf to nommynate sumcat.
We choose Poppy Q in Noo Zeelund.

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Hey boys,
I has done your meme. Thanks for thinking of me!! You have a great weekend. I hope the sun shines and you get lots of walks and catch lots of mousies.

Poppy Q
I enjoyed learning how you spend Christmas! My humans have only ever had a fake tree too. Wrapping paper is lots of fun to play with!
that HAM!!! sounds yummy!
That was wonderful learning all about your Christmas habits!
did you say HAM?
We have a fake tree, too! It is fun to play with all the toys that dangle from the branches.
omg, christmas? 2 out of us 3 hasn't seens a christmas tree or a christmas prezzie...we thinks we would like a tree. Momma says, no...cause she has kitties from h-e- double hockey sticks. I'm pretty sure we cames from heaven though and would never do nothing to the trees. ;)

furry innersteng i must say!!! it is furry warm whare we go in the winters so youse could stay wif me when yer beans go to the carrotbean place, oh wait, i go there too! sorry... but i hopes youse stay furry warm....

snuggles, auntie bee
Nice Christmas pictures of the boys. Poor Eric out in the snow. He doesn't look like he's enjoying that much. We get a lot of snow here, but our kitties don't go outside. So we bring a little snow inside for them. If you make a tiny snowball, Ollie and Rascal like to bat those around on the floor :-)
mm I am starting to feel festive!! x
Wow, are people really thinking about Chris Mouse already?

Eric & Flynn your Chris Mouse sounds like lots of fun.
Roast beef! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!
Our mouths are watering - we's ready for some Chris Mouse ham and roast beef.

Midnite & Stray Kitty
Oh the Carry Beans sounds like fun. Nice toasty fun in the sun. Maybe we should all go there for Chrissy Mouse.
Sanjee and the gang
Ohohoh, we get ham fur Krissmouse too! We'z wif yoo, da best presents is da wrapings.
Dis is furry unusual, too have da moue ting in da Fall. But somebody haz a furry cute tail pokin' out of dat sack.

What fun!
we wanna come over fur some of that ham!
we've never seen a Christmas tree. we've been too young and wild to be trusted with one. we thought maybe this year, but now our house is infested with kittens. ::sigh::
Hey ist dat yur Mum in da Carry Beens? Hi Mum!!! U luk like yur hafffin fun!

Hey, Paw wuntz turkey on Christ Mouse, so Maw fixes turkey fur him, but dey haf turkey on Thanksgiffin, which u guyz dunt du, so dey haf turkey twiceded in like a munth. Maw gruu up wid HAM on Christ Mouse. But Paw gruu up wid turkey on Christ Mouse. So Maw fixes turkey twiceded. We finx she should do HAM on Thanksgiffin which u guyz dunt du. Well, cuz u guyz dint leaf England an come to Merika fur religious freedom an all dat rot. So, mebbe we should haf ROAST BEAST on Christ Mouse????

Well, an last yeer dey dint du Christ Mouse cuz Maw wuz so sik an sed, well, expletives deleted....

Luf, Us
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