Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Wordless Wednesday

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that is a furry beautiful waterfall, but not for kitties i think...

smiles, auntie bee
That's sort of scary!!!
Oh, no, a wall of water! I like my running water in a thin stream from the bathroom faucet.

That is some very pretty water!
That looks very beautiful, but I wouldn't want to be too close.
We think that makes a whole lot of noise, but it sure is pretty.

~The Cats
Very dramatic. Great pictures
Purrty, but not da kinda place a kitty wood wanna hang out.
what a beautiful waterfall~! Did those took from the travel of your humanbeans??

that's beautiful!! but Lux is right - kind of scary too
that is BEAUTIFUL!!
Wonderful pictures of a beautiful waterfall!
I don't think that looks like so much fun, it might crush you!!! It is pretty though.

Wow, that sure is a lot of water! It looks very loud too!

Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
Breathtaking! Thanks Eric and Flynn's mom!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Our Lady thinks that's lovely and hopes you've got more purrty pictures! We're kinda scared of it though. We sorta prefer our water to stay still. Have you got pictures of fev-vers too?
That looks WAY scary to us!
We do not like water from above in any form whatsoever... Even if the maid says that those are nice pictures. It is still water from above, no thanks!
That is a very pretty waterfall, but I don't like that much water in one place : )
um, you guys aren't getting a bath are you?

mommy says it is pretty but I'm going to hide now...
That looks like the werst place to be in the hole yooniverse!
that is a very exciting picture!
Oh my! Da werld is meelllllting!
Well, I sure wasn't paying attention with that!! I was wondering what happened with the rest of my secret word!
beautiful almost as beautiful as you guys. FAZ
I normally do not like any kind of water. It really scares me. I have to admit that that is kinda pretty.
ewww...I'm not to sure about that, it looks scary!

Good for you for catching a mouse!
Very beautiful :)
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