Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Wordless Wednesday (and a purrfday)

Today is our mum's purrfday so now she is an anteek like our dad.
This pikchur wuz taken on their Holly Days last month in Norway. We don't haf hardly any pikchurs of our mum, but she has zillions of us. Anyway she said we could post this one if we must. Fanks mum.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR MUM!!!! That's a gurreat picture of your mum and dad, they look like they really enjoying their Norway trip. Mommy says she hopes to go to Norway one of these years...trip of a lifetime she says.

Anyways, that's so cool, coz it's our bday today (Aug 15) too! We feel so special sharin' da same bday as your mum!

~Donny and Marie
Well Happy Happy birthday to Eric and Flynn's MUM!

You look like you really are flying there!
flyin' flynn huh? wow, you sure are goin' there! and happy purrfday mom!

smiles, auntie bee
YEAAAA, happy happy happy burffday, Eric and Flynn's Lady! We hope yoo got lots of catnip and TONS of tunajuice cause yoo desurve it!
Wow, a flyin Flynn! Look at you go!

Happy Birthday to your Mum!
What a cute picture of your beans! Happy Birthday to Mum!
Loved the keeping fit post!
hey "flyin flynn" ... yer makin me laff!
happee birfday to yer mom!
see u in 10 dayz!
Happy birthday to your mum ! Why are you in such a hurry ??
Happy Birthday to your Mum! That's super. I thought that was a cheetah or a lion or something when I first saw your Flying Flynn shot!
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
Happy purrthday to your mum, Eric and Flynn! What a great day, I got let out of the kitty jail this morning so celebrations all round.

My mum saw a mouse in the kitchen yesterday, she wants to know if Flynn would teleport over and sort it out for her?
Flynn you are furiously flying faaaast!
Great action shot!

HAPPY Birthday to your mom.
we hope she has the very best day ever!
Happy Purrday to your Mum!

We juss loved the flying Flynn picture!

unbelievable! What a shot!!
We love " Flying Flynnie!"!
Happy Birthday to your Mum- she's a great bean and a wonderful Mum to you two.
Wow, Flynn! You can run fast. I hope your mom has a very wonderful birthday.
Y'all done gud, reel gud!
Flyin Flynn! Happy Birthday to yoor mom, hope she hafs a squillion more and dey are all happy and healthy.
Wow! You gots a furry bee-yoo-tfull mombean!! Happy birthday to you :) :) :)

I bet Flynn is runnin' so fast cuz he heard there was gonna be cake for mombean b-day.
Happy Purrthday to your Mom!!! what's that cute little house they're standin' in fronta? an is those Vishus Deer bones? yur people are furry brave! I love your picture - is that how you get across the big ocean to come visit me?
Happy birthday to your Mum!!

Also, I can see what a brilliant cat you are, Flynn. Totally airborne, your ears are folded back for your best aerodynamic flight!

Flynn you are amazing!x
Wowsers Flynn, you look like there's a monster chasing you. I didn't know us cats could move that fast.

Happiest birthday to your mum. Tell her thank you for the picture. That was nice of her to let you post one up. Of course my mom says no way.
Happy birthday to your mum!

Gee, Flynn, you sure are zooming!
Hey Flying Flynn, are you like going, oh I dunno, 1000 miles an hour??? I am quite impressed!
Hey Mrs. Eric and Flynn's Mommy - HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get lots of people Temptations!
Wow a birthday and a superfast cat. Impressed! FAZ
WOW Flynn, you sure are going fast - if I went that fast I would run into a wall!

Happy Purrday to your Mom, my Mum's birthday is on Saturday!

I like the picture of your beans in front of the teeny tiny house, very cute.
Wowy - you is like lightening!

P.S. - Happy purrthday mum!
Well, Happy Birthday to your Mum! Anybody who takes such excellent photos of her Cats is one very special human. She looks like a keeper.
Happy Happy Birthday to your Mommy~!!!!!!

And the first picture of you is so great~! Are you running to your momma??
tell yer moms Happy Puuurthday from the Fluffy Tribe
So sorry we missed it yesterday.
Hope it was extra-happy and furry, and very memorable.
Mosaic Cats & Lady
Holy Toledo Flynn! Did a bee sting yur bum?

That's a grate piktur ov yur Mum & Dad!!! Looks like a grate vaykayshun spot!

Happy Belated Purrfday to yur Mum!

Luf, Us
Tell yer mom HAPPY BERTHDAY frum us!!!!

Are thare lots of vishus deer in Norway? Cuz it looks like thare's lots of vishus deer hed skelutuns on that bilding thare in frunt of! I hope yer mom and dad took lots of Vishus Deer Repellunt with them!
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