Sunday, August 05, 2007


Vishus Deer Alert

When the Beans were on their Holly Days they saw this man who wuzn't looking what wuz going on, and a vishus deer crept up behind him. He wuz in grate danjer, but he wuz saved cuz the Beans brought his furrs home wiv them furr a bed furr us.
We don't know what to fink about it. I Eric gave it a sniff to make shore the vishus deer wuzn't still inside.
Then Flynn came out to help me make shore it wuz safe.
Flynn wuz gitting kwite excitid wiv it and started digging his claws in it.
Then mum put it on the Beans bed and he had a chew at it.
And anuvver chew.
Then mum put it on our sofa where we sleep and Flynn went and had anuvver chew on it. I wuz keeping well away furrom it cuz I don't trust it.
What do yoo all fink,is it safe or do we need some of Rocky and Mao's VDR?

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You boys are brave brave cats!

My mum wonders how your beans got that stinky deer hide through customs?
You guys are very brave! That is the only way I would want to see a vishus deer up close, flat on the floor for me to stand on : )

We had a vishus deer in our neighbours yard not to long ago, Mum got a picture. It scairt me!

If I was you I would get some of Rocky and Mao's VDR just in case!
Wowie, you fellers are furry brave! Once in a while I see a vishus deer outta window, if they come down outta the mountains -- they're skeery fur sure!

Thank you for your kind words on my bloggie about the feral kitties -- me and Momma appreciate 'em furry much!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Wowwww, that is a amazing thing for you to stand on or lay down, what a comfy new bed for you~!
I think it is a dead vishus deer. So not likely to attack you.
well i don't fink it can come back alife. i hope not anyhow. wow, an empty vishus deer! imagine that! y'all be careful, okay?

smiles, auntie bee
You are certainly brave! I don't think I'd get that close to a vishus deer!
we think the part that's vishus has been extracted from that thing and so what's left should be safe for chewing on. plus those nasty pointy head things aren't attached, so all's well. that's purrty cool - what's it taste like?
I am so happy you came by for a visit today! Yippy for the beans comin home too!! Did they go onna cruise ship? I see you on a Princess bag makin muffins...
It is good not to be alone anymore...go hide the suitcases fast!!
Oh and the furry thing is OK take my word for it:)
I am pretty sure the vishus deer is safe once his insides are gone. But I am not sure.
I Dare You...!
Come on over and check it out.
Be furry careful Flynn!
It might have somethin' that will upset your tummy. I say NEVER trust a VD. you just can't trust them.
The only good deer is an eviscerated deer!
You can use that on a bumper sticker or button if you want.
(We actually like deer, but we realize we are in the minority in these parts.)
These deers can be vishus even when playing dead - you gotta watch out for that fur tonite...
I'd say if nothing happens after a couple of days, you can consider yourselves safe!

Until then, keep a close eye on it.
You two better be very careful about this... I am not sure. this looks very scary and unseemly....
OM MY DAWG! You definitely need Rocky & Mao's VDR!!!

Luf, Us
doodz...letz see if thiz commint still werkz heer on vizshuz deer post....ewe noe skeezix wood bee glad yur peepulz saved de man frum danjurr :) ♥♥♥
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