Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Tuesday Twosome

Efurr since the Beans came back furrom their Holly days we haf been snuggling togevver on the bed more. We're not letting them out of our site again. That bump in the bottom left of the pikchur is mum's leg. We make her scrunch her legs up so we got plenty of room to sleep. Dad took the pikchur in the middle of the nite and mum nefurr efun woke up wiv the flash. She tells dad she's a furry lite sleeper and the slightest fing wakes her up. Huh! Who duz she fink she's kidding.

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Aww. What a sweet photo. :) You two look so cute curled up together, sleeping. :) Snuggling on the bed with humans is wonderful. :)
How sweet you both look, and how generous of you to allow your Mum some of the bed too! ;)
That is such a cute photo! Curling up in bed with mom is very fun.
awww, you two look furry sweet sleeping wif mum!

smiles, auntie bee
Oh Momma thinks the two of you look so cute together. She said that would be so cute if there were two of me!
I'm not exactly thrilled about this whole holiday/vacation thing that's spreading like a disease around here. I can't believe the Awesome Man caught it. Glad your humans are home!

Awwwww what a lovely photo of you both snuggling.
awwwww great snuggles!
deer e + f,
yer a grate twosum!
hey ... da blanket matchez yer fur!
How sweet you two look!
We let Mom have some room on the bed, too.

Your blankie matches your furs :)

~ Sara
That is funny about your mum!!

You boys look so cute snuggling up together.

I am lucky as I snuggle with my mum every night - however I don't take up as much room as you boys.
You guys are so cute! I really like the picture of you two snuggling together.
If yoo lay on her legs she can't get away! Our mom reely is a lite sleeper, she yells at us in da middle of da nite fur WALKING to loud!
What a nice Dad to get a picshure of yoo fur yur Mom. Dare needs to be more room for yoo guys tho. Maybe you should sleep on top of her leg so she duzn't go anywhere again.
Wow, so CUTE! We can't sleep like that right now here in our new home cuz it's HOT. But in the winter we sleep next to Mosaic Lady's legs, or really, ON them, and you should see how she contorts herself so as not to wake us every time she gets up to use the litter box, which is about 4 times a night, on a good night.
Oah dear,
That is very sweet of you two~!!!
that's a great snuggly picture.

mom is looking forward to the time when lucy and i snuggle for naps. it'll come, i'm sure. for now, she's sure fun to play with!

ben fuzz
lucy fur
awww - how sweet! we've got pictures from the other day of Midnight & Cocoa like that. not me though. nope. I was watching fev-vers. I think it's nice that your dad would think to take a cute picture in the middle of the night. so many dads don't realize how important it is to help your cats blog.
hehe that is an awesome picture, I love how you get your human to move so that you two have room! Excellent feline work xx
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