Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Toes and Tummy Tuesday

This is the evil black fing that steals the Beans clothes and makes them go on Holly days to look furr them. When mum finished unpacking. I tried to skwash it to make sure it couldn't git the clothes back inside it again. Yoo can see my nice pink paw pads and a bit of my tummy.

You look very cute curled up in the evil travel bag. You have lovely pink paw pads!
ohh ohhh,
is that what that black bag does? I see one on my mums spare bed - what is it doing there? Don't go anywhere mum.

Oh you boys look so cute - on the suitcase and I love the tractor inspection, and the yoga. Awesome blog Eric and Flynn.
You are a very comfortable looking cat. I like to curl up in my peep's suitcase too. Even if it always means they're going away. They always come back and they bring me presents. You have very manly paw pads.

Good talking to you again buddy.
i hope it wekrs honey!

smiles, auntie bee
We do da same thing when mommy and daddy gets back. We hate da evil black thing.

~Donny and Marie
Good strategy! Your paw pads are a wonderful pink. I like to sleep that way, too.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
DO NOT MOVE! If you stay there, the beans will not be able to go on vacation. If that does not work, you can try stowing away inside.
What a marvelous idea--kill the suitcase! You have great toes.

I just noticed you live in Devon. You don't happen to know Fat Eric's Devon grandmother do you?
The evil blak thing is the WERST!!! My big bruther Mao runs away frum home winever the peepul take the evil blak thing with them, wich he sez garunteez they'll never go away with it agin. So far, it's werking.
That's a good idea to squash the evil black thing. There are evil green travel things at our house. We'll trying squishing them next time we see them!

Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow
our mom sez you has kissable toesies! an' we think that crease down your middle makes you look foldable--maybe you could fold yourself wee small next time, an' go along wif your beans? but you'd hafta teach yer brofur how to fold, too, or he'd get lonesome. maybe he'd like being home alone--he'd get the mouses all to himself!
laying on top of it will make shur that it can't steal clothes again
Don't get off of it - just squash it and they can never go again!
ps - I love your paws!
oh aren't you adorable, so squishy!

I tagged you for the middle name meme, details on my blog x
Hope you can hold down that evil black fing! Looks like you're doing a good job so far.

~ Napoleon
Awww, that's a great picture of your toes -- great paw pads, and great tummy, too! You look so comfy holding down the Evil Black Thing!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.
Very strategic thinking of you!
Between overseeing the whole farm, maintaining the tractors and other heavy equipment, monitoring the wildlife, and holding down your Mum's leg in bed and your dad's chest on the couch...you two do a LOT of WORK.
(Remember to take those Union Breaks!)
I think you guys should take turns guarding the evil blak fing so that it doesn't steal anymore of your Beans clothes! As you have shown you don't efun have to be awake to guard it, just lay on top of it so it can't move : )
The last time one of doze camed out, it was a blue one, daddy wented away and din't come back fur a week. But mom stayed here so we don't worry to much...but we are still concerned. If we see it again we'll try yoor tekneek and meke sher mom duzzent put anything in it!
Very good idea! Next time Mom takes one out, we'll do the same thing.
Your FL furiends,
At least you didn't do what my sister Cookie did to my mom's evel black thing. She PEED on it! And now mom squirts it over and over with her special PEE remover spray, but we can still smell it there. Now we know mom will never use it agian if it smells like that. Wasn't that smart of my sister. She's the rebel in the family. I might want to pee on it, but I never would, cuz my reputation as the sweet one would be over.

I found that if I click on your comment linkie I can see your post. I just can't read the comments so well, but that's ok.
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